Saturday, August 17, 2013

Make This House a Home

We have been busy busy with moving in! I had no idea how much time it would take to get unpacked and organized. We're getting close to finished though and we are very happy! Mainly, we are glad that all of the boxes are finally unpacked! Who knew that two people could have so much stuff!!
Okay, okay... perhaps Brad had a normal amount of stuff and I had a bit too much junk. What can I say? I don't part with things well. 

We have also been determined to make our apartment into a home. It may have cinder-block walls and some weird paint choices, but we think it's really cute and we wanted to highlight it's greatness! 

I wish I had more (or any) "before" pictures. Mostly, I just have what it looks like now. But you can use your imaginations. We really like the end products. 

One of the first items of business was setting up (or even having) the bed frame! 
We were ready to not be sleeping on the floor anymore. 
So off to Ikea we went!
Brad got to work right away setting up our lovely new bed!
With some help from his cousin, the bed went up quite fast!

We were't loving our plain bedroom walls and wanted to spruce it up a little. So a trip onto Pinterest was definitely called for!! I found some tutorials for paper wheels and tweaked the idea a bit so that it looked more like wall decor and less like party decorations and vuala! 

We really like it! It was pretty easy to make, but took a bit of time. Paper was on sale for half off at hobby lobby, so I was able to do the entire thing for only $8! I think it took something like 40 pieces of paper (some of which I already had), but you could do a smaller version (or larger!) if you wanted. 

As we unpacked boxes, the kitchen cabinets filled up! This part really only took a couple of days because we had organized pretty well when we packed everything up 
and it was easy to find all of the kitchen stuff. 

The family room is still a work in progress. Since we brought a piano up and we only have one interior wall, there was no choice as to where it went. That made for some interesting arrangement in the rest of the room, but we think it is coming together pretty well. 

So that's a little tour of our little apartment. We really like it and we have had a lot of fun getting it all together. We still have a couple of things to do, but that is part of the fun! We love that our little house is becoming a home and that we will be able to make so many great memories here!

My next project is the dinning room table and chairs. They are a pretty weird green color and our landlord gave permission to paint them! I started sanding on Thursday, but there seriously must have been 20 layers of green paint! Brad went and got me a sander today, so next week I should be able to tackle that project! Wish me luck!


  1. Love it! It looks beautiful, and great job with the wall decor!

  2. I love the paper craft above your bed!! That is so cool! Everything looks great!


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