Friday, September 6, 2013

Real Cougars?

They say that you have to hike the Y to get the whole BYU experience. 

We didn't want to break tradition, and we are always up for a good hike, so up the mountain we went. 

Labor Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the hike up. 
We decided to go in the evening since it might be a bit cooler. That was a great decision.

We had heard that the hike wasn't for the faint of heart. 
We had heard that it has 12 switch backs and is quite steep. 
But we knew that lots of families took little kids all the way up and they made it all the way to the Y.

We started out with all the energy we have. 
We might be slightly out of shape.
Ok... I might be quite a bit out of shape. 

The way we were breathing, you would have thought we were hiking the Himalayas! haha. But we made it!

Did I forget to mention that we wore our Devils in Disguise shirts?
And that we made the Sparky sign in all of our pictures?
We are definitely still Sun Devils at heart!!!

1 comment:

  1. Go Sun Devils!! I'm glad you haven't lost your ASU pride over there at BYU. :) You two look so happy!


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