Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I love fall. 
Though I miss my dear Arizona, I have really enjoyed seeing the beauty that is a true autumn. 

Why do I love fall so much?

The changing of the leaves. 
So. Beautiful.
This is the view that I have had for the past weeks on my way to work. Love. 
When the leaves change, I am reminded of the amazing wonder of God's creations. 


Seriously, by the end of September, I have pumpkin on the brain. 
I want to carve a pumpkin. 
I want to eat everything pumpkin. 
(I may or may not have made pumpkin french toast AND pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes yesterday). 
I have pumpkins sitting around the house and on the front door step
My most recent Pinterest searches are for pumpkin recipes.
I have a deep, burning desire to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."
Man, I even chose "pumpkin" as one of the spelling words for my kids at school this week! 
Perhaps I have a problem.

Hot Chocolate, Cider, Wassail, 
anything I can heat in a microwave... 

Oh, how I love me some hot chocolate! And fall means that it is cold enough to justify drinking it. 
When is it okay to justify drinking it multiple times a day?
Sadly, Brad does not share this love with me. 
But he loves me enough to let me get my piping hot mug and snuggle up with him. 
Steaming hot chocolate, a couple mini marshmallows, and my favorite man? 
What more could a girl ask for?
Perhaps a slice of pumpkin pie on the side..

Halloween... October in General

I really don't like all of the aspects of Halloween. 
I don't like the scary parts at all.
I'll admit that I get nightmares from even the smallest of frights. 
But I love seeing little kids in super cute costumes. 
And dressing up myself has always been one of my favorite things!
And I love carving jack-o-lanterns. 
I love neighborhood carnivals, trunk-or-treats, chili cook-offs, etc. 

Autumn is a time of change. A time of beauty

What do you love about fall?

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  1. Hahaha. Sounds like an awesome breakfast to me...


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