Saturday, October 5, 2013

Each Life That Touches Ours For Good

 Do you ever meet someone and feel like you have known him or her for your entire life?
Do you feel like those you meet give you that exact something that you had been missing?

Last night, I was able to go to my mission reunion and see so many of the people that I love so much.
 I truly believe that I was supposed to meet my mission President, his wife, 
and every single companion that I had the blessing of working with.

They say that everyone has one of “those” companions that you just can’t seem to get along with. 
You know, the one who makes you pray that you get changes at the transfer? 
I never had one of those. Seriously. Not one. 
Perhaps some of my companions felt like I was “that” companion for them, but I truly loved each and every one of them. It was a gift. And I can say that each one of them made me a better person. 
Each one taught me something different.
 I love them each eternally.

Hermana Hill taught me to trust in the Lord and to believe that He does what He says He does. She taught me to forgive myself and see myself the way the Lord sees me.

Hermana Gonzalez taught me perseverance. She taught me to never give up, to work a little harder each day. She taught me that The Lord was doing His work and we were just His instruments.

Hermana Dunn taught me to really love people. She taught me to forget about numbers and to think about people. And the numbers came naturally as a result. She taught me that everyone is a child of God and that they all deserve our love. She taught me to see with the eyes of God.

Hermana Malhue taught me to follow the spirit. She taught me to listen and trust the promptings that come. She taught me that the Spirit speaks all languages and to stop focusing 
on myself and my (lack of) Spanish ability and let the Spirit be the teacher.

Hermana Montecinos taught me to have fun and to learn balance. She helped me remember that we are to have JOY and that work does not mean that we have to be stressed out all of the time.

Hermana Hualpa taught me that the Lord answers prayers and provides miracles when we are ready and that those miracles are brought to pass only if we get up from out knees and get to work.

Hermana Salazar taught me that in order to teach the word of God, I have to know it. She taught me the value of memorizing scriptures, not to present them word for word, but to write them on my heart.

And then there were all the other missionaries, who each taught me something by word or deed
La Gran Mision Buenos Aires Norte

I am a firm believer that every person we meet has something to teach us. There is always more to do and become. The Lord has blessed us to find in our paths those who will make us the people 
He wants us to be.
 He also expects us to bless their lives. 
I can only hope that I am ready to bless those who I come in contact with.

But always, they give me so much more.

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  1. Thanks, Kailei! Love your insights and appreciation of those who cross paths with you. Great attitude :)


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