Friday, November 1, 2013

Traditiooooon! Tradition!

If it worked to keep Anatevka in balance, it will work for us!

A super fun part of the first year of marriage is establishing family traditions
It's fun to take a little bit of what I grew up doing, and a little of what Brad grew up doing, 
and mix in some new ideas of our own to create fun new traditions. 
Halloween was no exception for us.

I LOVE any excuse to dress up. Brad does not so much, but he is a really good sport about it because he knows that I really enjoy it. So we had great plans to go to a law school costume party. When Brad told me about it, I readily agreed. We went to the thrift store to get some awesome costumes together! 
The day of the party, I left work and listened to a message from Brad.
It basically went like this. 
"So... I was talking to people at school to see if they were going to the party tonight. 
No one seemed to know what I was talking about... so I checked the email again with the info.
...And... you can make fun of me for this forever... 
the party was actually last Friday..."
Gotta love stressed-over-law-school-and-therefore-also-semi-scatterbrained-husbands.
So, we didn't get to dress up this year,. But on the up side, 
we already have awesome costumes for next year. 

Another Halloween tradition that we both love is carving pumpkins
We decided to share one pumpkin instead of carving two, 
and that is where the decision making came in. 
I am a free-hand kind of pumpkin carver. 
We're talking 3 triangles and a half moon (with some spiky teeth of course).
Brad is a pattern kind of guy.
We decided to tackle a pattern.

Taking the guts out of the pumpkin is always a joy. 
Or not.

We realized after we started that we don't actually own any tape... 
I don't really know why not... haven't had a need in 4 months of marriage I guess...
Note to self: Add tape to my grocery list.
So we stuck knifes into the pattern to hold it to the pumpkin. 

So cute and concentrated

We think it turned out pretty great!

A tradition that we took from my family is a spooky Halloween dinner. 
With only the two of us, I didn't go all out like my Mom does. 
Seriously, she is the queen of Halloween food. 
But we still had a fun dinner. 

Eye balls that don't exactly look like eye balls... but they were tasty!!

Something that Brad and I were both really looking forward to was giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. We live on a main road, so we weren't sure we would get many, but figured 
we would get at least a pretty good number. 
So I bought a big bag of candy. 
And at the end of the night, the grand total of kids who knocked on the door?
8... Seriously. Four groups of two kids each. 
But we still had fun being able to give them some sweet treats!
And we now have entirely too much candy in the house.

One activity that will not become tradition that we tried this year was watching 
"Nightmare Before Christmas." For reals. I couldn't stand it. 
As a child, I was not allowed to watch Tim Burton movies. As an adult, I just don't like them. 
I had never seen it, but Brad remembered liking it. After an hour and a half of weird music, a bad plot, and plenty of creepiness, we realized that neither of us are fans, so that one will go out the window. 

But dressing up, pumpkin carving, Halloween dinner, and 
"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" will remain! 

In all, it was a great first Halloween, and made for a couple of super fun date nights!

What are your Halloween traditions?

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  1. Hahaha don't you love finding out about all of the random things you need buy didn't think to buy? Good improvising with the knives. :) And your pumpkin looks great!


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