Saturday, March 22, 2014

El Salvador Restaurant, Spanish Love, and a Dash of Disney

One of the really great things about being in Provo is that there is a market for lots of cultural things. 
Maybe it's because so many people who live here served missions to various parts of the world.

We are definitely trying to take advantage of a number of cultural restaurants and celebrations. 
We tried to go to a Korean festival, but couldn't find it.
We often shop at La Pequena, an Argentine supermarcado.
We are planning on going to the Holi Festival of Colors next week at the 
Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.
And we have a mental list of all of the restaurants that we want to try.
Seriously, there is an ethnic restaurant on every corner around here.

We have been craving some El Salvadorian Pupusas for a while now,
so date night last night found us in this little restaurant

If you didn't know it was there, you may not even see it!
But are we ever glad that we found it! 
The pupusas were absolutely amazing! The people were so friendly, and the atmosphere was fun. 
We always love an excuse to use our Spanish, so we decided that this would be an all Spanish 
dinner conversation... and let me tell you, if you don't use it often, you get rusty! 
I definitely need to speak more!
But let me tell you, I still swoon every time Brad speaks to me in Spanish. 

Brad was especially excited about the soda. 
Now, we are not soda drinkers. 
Actually, we aren't anything but water drinkers. 
But Brad has a special place in his heart for latin sodas... it reminds him of his mission to Nicaragua.
I am not really used to "latin" sodas, because they don't really exist in Argentina. 
I know that is surprising to many people, but Argentina is actually quire European. 
I didn't eat beans and rice, but rather meat and pasta.
The soda was pretty much the same as our soda... maybe just a bit sweeter.  
So Brad was really excited to have me try Kolashampan.
Sadly, I disappointed him when I told him it tasted like medicine and went back to my water. 
Glad I decided to try his rather than order my own. 

His soda was almost gone by the time our food came. It was fun watching him drink it. 
I had no idea that someone could find such happiness in a soda... now I know.

But the food was amazing!

It was super filling. 
I ordered three pupusas, because I just couldn't decide between all of the great options,
but wished that I had only ordered two when I left with a bursting stomach.
Word to the wise.

But seriously, so.good. They have a lot of great options, and each pupusa is only $1.60!
You really can't beat that!
We absolutely recommend this little place to anyone in the area, so go check it out!

After dinner, we were off to the dollar theater to see Saving Mr. Banks.
Image: The Walt Disney Company

We don't go to the movies often on date night, mainly because we like to do things where we can talk and interact. But, every now and then there is something we want to see, so we make an exception.
This movie was so so good! It was really just quite touching, and we very much enjoyed it. 
Great cast, great message, and quite well done.

In all, it was such a fun date night and good to be together. 
Brad has been totally swamped with school readings, preparing for finals, moot court competition, and plans for the summer that it was nice to get away from it all for a bit. 
Seriously, date night is necessary.

On a side note, it is finally starting to warm up a bit!
We are looking forward to beautiful spring days and being able to leave the coats at home.
Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. Just seeing pupusas made my mouth water. I love how fun you make dates! You guys are the best and you look beautiful! I love how long your hair is getting. See you soon at the Gulbrandsen's reunion!!!


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