Saturday, March 29, 2014

Holi Festival of Colors

I first heard about the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork on my mission. 
My trainer, Sister Suzette Gonzales had told me about it and showed me some pictures, 
and I just knew that I had to go.

For those of you who don't know, the Holi Festival of Colors is an Indian Celebration of Spring.
You can read more about it here.
It is definitely a celebration, with singing, dancing, yoga, and of course, color throwing.
The whole idea behind it is to gain a sense of "oneness" while still appreciating individuality. 
I just love learning about other cultures, don't you?

We decided that we wanted to be there for the first couple of throws (they happen every hour)
and we are really glad that we decided to get there early!
Nice and clean before going in.

We were able to see the Temple before it got super packed and learn a little about it. 

It is a beautiful structure! We took a walk around it and climbed up to it to get a better look.
Again, we are glad we got there early! This place got PACKED. When we walked up to the temple before we left, there was hardly any room to move around. When we first got there,
 we were able to take our time and really get a good look. 

Then we decided that we should buy some chalk and get ready for the first throw.

We went down to the very front, because we wanted to be able to see the throw well. 
We enjoyed listening to some fun music and learning about some of the Indian chants.

People were throwing colors like crazy. 
It was fun, because everyone was involved and had fun with everyone.
Total strangers were running around throwing colors at each other. 
The younger kids that were there had a ball, throwing at each other and at others, 
while trying to run away from pursuers. So many little giggles. So cute!

Then it was time for the first countdown throw.

After the first go round, we looked like this.

We enjoyed trying some Indian food, reading about the tradition of Holi, looking at some booths, and of course throwing colors at each other and anyone else we happened to pass. 

The place kept getting more and more crowded. Seriously, you would not believe the people!

We decided to watch the second official countdown throw from the Temple, so that we could see the whole thing from above. It was really pretty and fun to see it from that perspective. 

 A sunny day, perfect company, and some vivid colors all make for a great date. 
In all, it was a great way to bring in Spring.

Anyone else make it to the festival this year?

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