Monday, March 3, 2014

Life Update: AZ Bound

A couple of you caught on with a picture that I posted a couple weeks ago that 
Brad went down to AZ to interview for some summer internships.

There were a number of barriers to his going down there.
First, when he applied for the internships, he faithfully told the various firms that he would
be down there over his placement break (a one week break from law school for
the purpose of doing interviews), even before getting any interviews.
Basically, you are more likely to get interviews if you are already there and they don't have
to come to you or fly you down, so we would make it happen.
A number of weeks went by without hearing anything from AZ firms.
He had a bunch of interviews in Salt Lake, but our hearts were with the Arizona jobs.
Lots of AZ firms called him, saying that they don't hire first year students, but that they
were extremely impressed with him and to definitely apply the next year.
Many wanted him... just not yet.
Still, as we prayed, we felt really good about being in Arizona and decided to move forward.
Brad was invited for an interview with one firm in AZ, and though it wasn't his top choice,
we decided to send him down to AZ and give it a try.
There were moments when we almost called it off.
Is it worth it? We would ask.
That's so much time that he could be doing homework and writing his paper.
Should we cancel the plane ticket?
But each time we prayed, we still felt that he should go down.

Just days before his trip, he got a call from his first choice firm.
They wanted to meet with him!
They told him that they don't usually hire first years, but with his credentials,
they would at least like to see him.
They made it clear that they weren't making any promises.

So Brad went down.
His plane was delayed and he was a little late getting in to the first interview.
They were very understanding and accommodating.
While that interview went well, it still wasn't Brad's first choice.

The next day, he interviewed with Fennemore Craig.
It went really well and we felt really good about it.
But they still said that they didn't yet have permission to hire a first year,
but that they would see and get back to him.

Brad came home, and we still felt like it was right for us to be in AZ
and that something would happen.
I was so glad that he was home.
I was quite lonely without him here!
So life went on, and we played the waiting game for a few days.

Well, we are happy to announce that Brad was offered a job!! 

He will be working in Phoenix this summer at Fennemore Craig, a really great law firm! 
This was the internship that we really wanted and we could not be happier. 
Brad was invited for a number of interviews in UT and a few in AZ 
(I'll brag on him for a bit... he is doing really well in law school), 
but from the start, we just felt really good about Fennemore Craig. 
Brad said that when he went for the interview, he felt even better, 
like he was definitely supposed to be there. 
We are so very excited and so grateful for the opportunity. 
If you are a regular on the blog, you know that we really miss our beloved Arizona, 
and we especially miss our amazing family. 
We are looking forward to a summer of great experience with the law, 
amazing memories with family, and a whole lot of heat!


  1. What a great blessing! I'm so happy for you both. Congratulations!

  2. If you feel the need to get out of the valley hay for a little while, you're more than welcome to visit Flagstaff! :)


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