Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On Celebrating

What are your thoughts on celebrations?

Some people say that you should only celebrate the big events so that they stay special... 
I am of a different opinion. I think that we should find things to celebrate day to day, 
and even celebrate the "small" moments. I think that keeps a marriage strong. 
Brad and I try to celebrate each other's accomplishments. When Brad was offered the position 
at Fennemore Craig, I made him a banana cream pie. When I passed certain anniversaries of important dates on my mission, Brad got me some Argentine goodies. I try to make meals that match 
the seasons/obscure holidays. We try to remember special events and celebrate them. 
We remember when the other has a big test, project, paper, etc. and make sure to comment on it.

Marriage does take work, but when both give 100%, finding joy in the journey, 
it is the most wonderful thing you will do! What better thing to celebrate daily than you marriage?

I think there is a lot of truth in this statement: 
"Don't save something only for a special occasion. 
Every day in your life is a special occasion" 
-Thomas S. Monson (Read the whole talk here). 

We can make special occasions out of every day, 
and it doesn't take away the greatness of those extra special occasions. 

Sunday marked one year since we got engaged

So many things to be celebrated about that day when I said yes, 
and made the most important decision of my life!

So I put together a little basket (yes, this is a bowl... remember when I talked about newlyweds not owning things that you just assume you have on hand? Well, I don't own a basket... yet)
of random things just to say to Brad, "I love you. I want to celebrate us!"

Best moment was when Brad said "OH! It all has to do with 'pop!'" 
Pretty simple stuff, but still fun to recognize and celebrate moments.

Later that day, after choir practice and dinner, Brad asked if I wanted to go on a Sunday drive. 
Of course, I agreed. 
We drove up Provo canyon and enjoyed looking at the beauty around us 
as the trees slowly come to life after a long winter. 
We stopped at a lake and got out to walk around a bit. It was pretty chilly and I was ready to head back
But Brad said he had something for me first. 
He said that things went so well for him last year, that he figured he would try it again.

And he pulled out this beauty.

I have been wanting this ring for a long time. 
I used to have one just like it, but gave it away on my mission.
I don't know what it is about the ring, but I just love it. 
I think I mentioned it to Brad once, quite a long time ago... seriously, probably 6 months ago.
And he remembered!
Isn't he just so great?
He slipped it on my finger, and I told him that I would marry him a million times over. 

Do I know how to pick em or what?

I love that we can celebrate each other and do the "small things" that make all the difference. 
Truly, every day is a special occasion, and we can find things to celebrate in each other. 
I'm so grateful for Brad. Amongst a crazy busy first year of law school, he has put our first year 
of marriage ahead of memos, studying, projects, etc. 
What a lucky girl I am.

How do you celebrate each other daily?

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  1. I remember the day you gave it away. How absolutely perfect that he gave you a new one on the anniversary of your engagement. What a guy! Love you dear!


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