Monday, April 14, 2014

Uno Bowling

So apparently, I decided to take the entire week of spring break off from blogging. 
I have so much to catch up on! Spring break was definitely good to me. 
In the next few days, I will hopefully catch up on: painted dining room chairs (finally), mission friends, 
a great visit from mom, surviving my first year as a law wife, and some new yummy recipes. 

But for now, I'll just tell you about our most recent date night. 

We are going on 10 months of marriage now. (woot)! That being the case, 
date night has transformed in some ways. Before we were married, it was common for us 
to get together after work and go out on a date starting at 9:00 PM or even later. 
Now days, we go out a lot earlier and we are home and asleep before it's all that late. haha. 
Married life. 

When my AZ friend Jessica who is living up in Salt Lake invited us to meet up with her and her bf
 for a round of bowling, we were definitely game. We chuckled when we started the date at 9:30 PM. 
And let me tell you, when we got home around 11:45 we were draaaging. 
Yet Jess and her bf were still going strong! 
Oh to be young again..... 

But anyways, we had a great time! It was so good to see Jess after such a long time! 
Jessica is such a great friend! We have done a lot together: institute, ASU school of music, 
our first sprint triathlon, and so many other great things. 
I've really missed Jess and it was great to get together!

They explained to us that we would be bowling a little differently than normal, 
and introduced us to Uno Bowling. 
Sorry for the terrible coloring... bowling alleys have the worst lighting for good pictures.

It's a really fun idea, and we sure did get a bunch of laughs out of it. 
Basically, you draw a card, which determines how you bowl:

You can imagine the good times that came from these different ways to bowl. 

Some highlights of the evening were Brad falling over after spinning three times, all four of us 
crowded around one bowling ball trying to get it down the alley, trying to figure out how 
to bowl without hands, and catching up and having a good time as friends.

When the scores came in, I was glad to not be too self conscious or anything.

When everyone's scores kept going up and mine didn't, my goal was to break ten. 
I couldn't even do that. 

But it was still really fun and everyone had a really great time.
Thanks to Jess and Robbie for a fun evening!


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