Friday, June 27, 2014

All Graduated and Stuff

Today, I finished my final assignment for my final class at ASU.
And I officially finished my Bachelors!

Some of you know the story of the changes for my Undergraduate work.

Almost 6 years ago, I graduated from high school and entered ASU as a 
Music Therapy Major. 

I loved it and learned a lot. I met a lot of amazing friends and created a lot of memories.

Then I chose to go on a mission after my Junior Year. 

I put a 2 year hold on my scholarship and withdrew from classes.
And I was off to Argentina.

When I got back, I was feeling the need for a change in my major and started exploring options.

When Brad and I got engaged, I knew that he would be going to Utah for law school,
so I needed a degree that I could finish up online. 
I couldn't defer my scholarship any longer, so I went in and figured out which degree
 I could still finish in a year, but do so online. 

I learned a bit more about Family and Human Development,
decided it was for me, made the switch, and became an online student.

While it definitely wasn't my style, I learned how to be an online student.
Brad was really supportive, and helped me on the days that I was extremely frustrated.
In the end, it was a pretty good experience and I am glad for all that I learned. 

Today, Brad took me out to celebrate with both of our families.

I picked Serranos because...
Bean Dip.
Sorry for the bad picture quality... dark + iPhone...

He spoiled me a little bit too

I was a little sad about not walking, but my amazing parents surprised me with a ticket
to come back down in December to walk at graduation!
They are the best.

In all, these 4 years of study at ASU have been good ones,
but I am very glad to be done!!

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  1. Good work! I have my bachelor's in Family and Human Development as well! I LOVE that program!


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