Friday, June 20, 2014

One Year

Tomorrow is our first anniversary!!

I can't believe that it has been an entire year since this happy day!

Everything about the day was absolutely perfect.
Our families and loved ones completely spoiled us.
From the decorations to the guests,
the food to the video, 
the photography to the music,
it was everything we had dreamed and more.

But the most important part was the sealing.
Not only were we married, but we were sealed for all eternity, never to part.
We made promises with each other and with God to honor and cherish each other
and to live in the Lord's way.
We were promised blessings. 
We covenanted to do what it takes to be together forever.

This has been the absolute best year of my life, and I know I will continue to say that every year.
We are truly blessed.

Brad has our entire anniversary celebration all planned out, and will not share a single detail with me.
How cute is he??
I am super excited for the surprise! I'm sure that we will have a wonderful day. 

Throughout the next week or so, you can expect some reflective posts about the week of the wedding, the sealing itself, this last year of marriage, and the amazing man that I get to call my husband.

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