Thursday, July 10, 2014

52 Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

The first year of marriage is a blast! 
Seriously, so. much. fun.
Brad and I made a million memories and really came to love each other even more.

One thing that I wasn't expecting was that there was still so much to learn about Brad.
I guess I just assumed that since we have known each other since were 3 
that I knew him pretty much completely.
But there was so much to learn this past year!
I guess that once you live with someone, you find all sorts of fun things out.

So newlyweds need some date ideas that help them get to know each other even better.
They need date ideas that won't break the bank. 
They need romantic dates.
They need fun/silly dates.
They need dates where they can just be together.

So here I give you,

A year of date night ideas

And let's be real.
These would be fun at any stage in your relationship... not just for newlyweds.

1.     Guest Book Date
Your wedding reception was probably a pretty crazy night. You might not remember everyone you greeted, or if you saw everyone who attended. Spend an evening reading your guest book together. Reminisce about how perfect your reception was and talk about your loved ones who attended.
We loved this date and had a lot of fun reading all of the well wishes.

2.     Visit Important Places From Your Childhood
Take your spouse to see your childhood home, Elementary School, Jr. High School, High School, favorite teenage hangout, etc. Tell each other about favorite memories and things you did there. 

3.     Cook A Meal Together
There is something quite romantic about sharing a kitchen.

4.    Go Uno Bowling
This is just a fun and stilly date. You will see your spouse in a different light with this one. Find the directions here.

5.     Play A Favorite Childhood Game.
Remember Guess Who? Or how about Operation? Pick your favorite, find it on Amazon and have fun remembering when you played it growing up.

6.      Share old Pictures
This is a pretty common one, but lots of fun! Get out the old photo albums and show your spouse just how awkward you looked with those braces, how handsome you were at your Senior Prom, and the crazy hair do you sported in the good old days. Tell the stories that go with the pictures.

7.     Volunteer Together
There is little that will bring you closer together in your first year of marriage than serving together will.

8.     Visit an Arcade
Try to find one that has some fun old school games.
If you are in Provo, hit up the Nickel Arcade! Cheap and so fun.

9.     Exercise Together
Totally free date! And you will help each other stay fit and looking your best.

10.    Go For A Walk
We love free dates, and we love this one especially. It's a great time to talk and catch up 
after a hectic day/week. Grab a treat to eat while you walk if you want.
Walk at sunset so you can have a beautiful view and then stay out to see the stars.

11.     Plan Your Dream Vacation
Whether you can afford to actually go this year or in 20 years, this date is a blast!
It's free to plan/dream. Check out books from the library on your chosen destination, 
google the best things to do there, etc.
If you really want to get into it, make some food from the dream destination,
find some music to match or maybe a movie and have a little staycation.

12.    Watch a Favorite Childhood TV Show
Netflix and Hulu make this one possible. There are probably some shows that you watched that your spouse didn't, that you just have to introduce. Or maybe there is one that you both watched that
you can now enjoy together. For Brad and I, it's Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

13.    Go on a Hike
Another freebie. Can't beat it.
Plus, there is something wonderful about conquering a mountain together.

14.    Take in Some Culture
Find a restaurant with some cultural food you have never tried.

15.    Pinterest Date
Find a project to do together.

16.    Read a Book Together
Snuggle up and read to each other.
You can choose a children's book, or make this date last and
read a book you've both been wanting to read over the course of a couple of weeks. 

17.    Teach Each Other a New Skill
Do you love to garden, but he never has? Teach him! Make it fun.
Does he love baseball, but you can't seem to enjoy even an inning?
Let him teach you to swing the bat!

18.    Study the Scriptures Together
Your marriage will thrive when you put God first.
Not scripture readers? Find something that inspires you to be better and study together.

19.    Take in a Free Concert
Google what is happening in your area.
Lots of local up-and-coming singers/bands will give free concerts.
There is almost always something great you can find.

20.    Time Capsule Date
Fill a container with fun things from the year that you will open a year later.

21.    Babysit
Some day, you will have little kiddos at home and want to get out for a date.
Help someone else be able to do just that while you are kid-free.
Plus, it's really fun to see your spouse interacting with the little guys.

22.    Go to a Cultural Festival
This year, we went to the Holi Festival of Colors
We are planning to go to the Greek Festival in the fall. 
Most cities have cultural festivals, and some of them are free!

23.    Go on a Picture Scavenger Hunt. 
This is a fun group date. Get a list of items to capture on camera, and the team with the most pictures at the end of an hour wins.  More difficult items can be worth more points.
Think of things like: a street sign that starts with Y, a man wearing a greet shirt, a pigeon at a park, 
a purple car, a specific book, a person on a cell phone, etc.
Use Google or Pinterest for pre-made list printables. 

24.    Window Shopping
This is especially fun in an old downtown area that has a lot of character.

25.    Watch an Original Movie and then the Remake
We just did this with Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent. It was really fun!
Wait til the movie hits the dollar theater or Redbox to save some money.

26.    Bake Christmas Cookies
And then decorate them. Go all out!

27.    Draw/Paint Portraits of Each Other
If you want to get extra creative, do it with finger paint.
It will be fun to see how your other half portrays you.

28.    Visit a free Museum
Colleges are a good place to look for a free museum.
Some cities also have free nights once a month you can look into.

29.    Visit a Splash Pad
Sure, it will be full of kids, but you will have a blast!
If you are in the Mesa area, we recommend the new Splash Pad at Riverview. So fun!

30.    Build a Fort
Add some white lights to make it extra romantic.

31.    Fondue Date
Make sure to have the cheese and the chocolate.
Diets are not super handy for this date...

32.    Karaoke Night,
Do this one at home or on the town. It doesn't matter if you can sing or not. Just make it fun.

33.    Candle Light Picnic
Head to a park or just have an indoor picnic by candle light. 

34.    Star Gaze
Take a blanket so you can lay down and look up at the stars.
Super romantic. 'Nuff said.

35.    Drive Somewhere you Have Never Been, Just Because.
Pick a destination, or don't. Just drive, talk and see something new.

36.    Doorbell Ditch with Treats
Bake a yummy treat together and then take it to a neighbor. Leave it on the doorstep,
ring the bell,and run away before you are caught. If you are brave, hide in the bushes to see 
their reactions. And if you make double, you can go home and enjoy a little treat too!

37.    S'mores Date
Make a delicious treat at home!
If you don't have a fire pit, you can often use your stove.
Get creative! Find lots of candy options beyond the original chocolate bar.

38.    Backyard Campout
Don't have the time to get away?
Set up a tent in the back yard, roast some hot dogs (or cook them on the stove if you have to),
tell each other stories, sing campfire songs, and pretend you're in the wilderness.

39.    Holiday Dates
Make sure to know which holidays are coming up and plan a date to match...
Carve Pumpkins at Halloween Time
Write each other mushy love notes around Valentine's Day
Shoot off Fireworks for the 4th of July.
You get the idea.

40.    Go on a Nature Walk
Another freebie here! If you aren't quite up for a hike, but want
to get out and see the beauty around you, a nature walk is perfect. 
Make sure to grab a camera and even a picnic if you want!

41.    Have a Water Fight
Simple and easy. Grab a hose, grab some buckets and get wet!

42.    Build a Snowman
And then snuggle up for some hot chocolate after to warm up.

43.    Splurge Date
Get all dressed up and go to a nice restaurant that you've been wanting to try.
It's okay to splurge every now and again, right?

44.    Take a Class or Lesson Together
It's always great to learn something new together. And lots of community colleges offer cheap or sometimes even free classes that you can enjoy. 

45.    Host a Dinner with a More “experienced” couple. Ask advice.
Invite an older couple over for dinner and enjoy learning all about their successes in marriage.
Ask them about their fun memories from their early year of marriage, things they did for each other,
how they grew in love, things they liked to do, and such. 

46.    The $5 Dinner Challenge
Go to the store with only a $5 bill and come out with a full meal. Get creative.

47.    Q & A Date
Find a questionnaire like this one and see if you can guess each other's answers!
You will be surprised how much you learn about each other.

48.    Write Letters to Someone in Need
Maybe someone you know who needs a pick-me-up, or write to children in the hospitals.
Spread a little bit of love.

49.    Have a Movie Theme Night
Match your dinner and clothing choices to the movie!

50.    Paddle Boat Date
Lots of local lakes will rent paddle boats for quite cheap.
Spend a day on the water, enjoying the sun and each other's company.

51.    Go on a Bike Ride
Find a fun trail, or just get to know your neighborhood a little better.
Make it extra interesting and find a tandem bike to try out.

52.    Wedding Pictures Date
Look at all the pictures of the big day and remember each moment. Talk about the moments you loved most from your special day. Remember how handsome and beautiful you both looked.
It is especially fun towards the end of your first year of marriage to really remember your big day!

Like I said, the first year of marriage is a magical time. Make sure to spend lots of time together 
and fall in love more every day. Hopefully, these ideas will help you do just that!

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    xo, Hima
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  16. These are all great ideas. We'll have to try some of these!

  17. we're always looking for good date night ideas! actually haha this year we're going on 52 dates to put something like this together too! :)

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