Friday, July 18, 2014

Brush Party Date

The blog has really been lacking on what we have been up to this summer!

We have just been having so much fun that I haven't made the time to blog as often as I should.
I will get better. Really.

Brad is still working at Fennemore Craig and loving it!
And let me tell you, they are spoiling us like crazy.

Every week we have had a super fun activity with them. More on those another day. 

This week, they treated us to a brush party!

I've been wanting to do this for a long time since I've seen them popping up on blogs here and there.
So I was super excited.

If you don't know, a brush party is basically a big painting party where the whole group is taught to paint the same painting. In the past, I've seen groups do a Van Gogh or a Monet and the like. 

Our group was able to follow our teacher in one of her originals:
Aspen at Sunset

You can see more of Carrie Curran's art as well as info on a class here

Brad and I don't have a lot of artistic ability...
Remember the finger painting?

But we took courage when they assured us that everyone would leave with something nice.

We were a little nervous to just jump right in, but Carrie was great and very patient and helpful!

One of our friends from Fennemore Craig said to take a picture of the canvas since it could be 
the best our painting looked! haha. He might have been right...

We started with the base layers and up to this point, we felt pretty good about our art. 

While that dried, we enjoyed visiting with friends, eating dinner, and admiring everyone's work.

Then it was time to paint the trees.
This part was a bit more difficult, but it was definitely fun!

Thanks to Carrie for snapping some pictures during the class.
We were definitely concentrated during this part!

In the end, everyone ended up with a nice little painting!
And it was fun to see how each person put a different emphasis on their painting.

Thanks again to Carrie for the photo! Like her Facebook Page here.

While Van Goghs we obviously are not, we learned a lot.
In all, we had a really good time, and would definitely do it again!

Have you been to a brush party before? What would you suggest for our next attempt?

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