Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love Notes Book

Brad and I really like to leave each other little notes.
There is just something about a simple, hand-written piece of love that
really brightens my day. I love finding sticky notes around the house,
 a scribbled sentiment on the mirror, etc. The only problem is,
I want to keep them all, and that can get a little cluttered!
Or I find a note on my way out the door, in the car, etc. and hurriedly put it
in my purse, making a mental note to add it to my pile when I get home,
and totally forgetting after the craziness of the day.
Anyone else with me?

So, as part of Brad’s gift for our first (paper) anniversary, I gave him this:

Our Love Notes Book

This is a super affordable and easy little thing to throw together for your hubby.
All you need is a notebook (I got mine at Walmart for only $1.50. Score.),
 and some stickers (again, Walmart for $2.00 I think. Double Score).

Just arrange your stickers on the notebook like you want them, and voilĂ !
You have a Love Notes Book.

I had been planning on just getting a spiral notebook and decorating it with fun paper, 
scrapbooky things, buttons, etc. But when I found this little gem,
and all I had to do was add some stickers, I was totally in.

And look how cute it is on the inside!


If you have known me for more than 2 seconds, you know that
I am obsessed with polka dots. So great.

So here’s how it works:

Write a short or long message to your love inside the notebook,
and hide the whole thing for him.
He can hold on to it for as long as he wants,
and when he’s ready to return it, he will write on the next page
and hide it somewhere for you!

I am sure that this little guy will end up in the cereal cupboard, Brad’s backpack, under his pillow,
in his briefcase, in his drawers, on his side of the closet…
Anyone else have a good hiding place?

And the best part is,
 All of your notes will stay together in one place!!
You won’t have to worry about where to put them all or try to remember
where to find them when you want to remember something cute he said.

And seriously, how fun will it be when it’s all full
to go back and see our little messages to each other!

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