Thursday, August 14, 2014

100,000 Miles

Yesterday, we made it back to Utah safe and sound.
I definitely cried on our way out of town, 
leaving behind our family and everything we hold dear in AZ.

But there is a time a season for everything, and for now, we are in the law school time and season.
And life is good.

On our way up, this happened.
Yes, I know the picture is super blurry... 
Try to navigate the highway just outside of Las Vegas between 2 Semi Trucks and get a decent picture.

100,000 miles on my dear little Corolla!
And all of a sudden, all of these wonderful memories came flooding back to me 
and made my heart happy.

Like the first time I saw her.
I had just graduated from high school and we had been searching for a good car for me.
My dad called, telling me he had found the perfect car for me in Manti, UT.
I was a little skeptical, since my dad had found 5 "perfect-for-me" cars before... 
all of which I thought were duds.
But when I saw her, I knew she was the one. 

Or when she was finally ready and we went to get her. 
My dad and I flew up to Utah and navigated the Frontrunner to get to Provo, 
caught a ride with a cousin to Manti, and then drove the car all the way back to AZ, 
just the two of us.
And how I knew that my dad would sacrifice anything for me at that time.
And I will always remember that road trip with dad.

Or how she got me to ASU every single day for three years.
Early morning classes, new friends, amazing adventures. 
Oh the college years. 

Or the time I let my brother borrow her to go to a high school dance.
I thought I was a pretty cool sister.

Or the time my friends decorated her on my birthday.
And then we made it a tradition to decorate each other's cars for that entire year of birthdays.
Including one midnight trip in her out to Avondale... maybe getting a little lost.

Or the first time I drove her again after a year and a half in Argentina.
And thinking I might die since I didn't remember how to drive.

Or the time that she took Brad and I away, as husband and wife.
After the wedding, after the reception, we were just us. The Pews.
And then she drove us to California to take our honeymoon cruise.

Or the time she drove us up to Utah for the very first time to start this new adventure.
Two young, married college students, off to take on the world. 

Oh, these are heart happy memories!
My very first car...
She has been a good car to me, and I expect another 100,000 miles out of her.
Where will she take me in these next 100,000?
Surely it will be a grand adventure!

Do you have a car that makes you smile to think about all the memories you made with it?

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  1. Oh Kailei, I love how you love even your car! Your gratitude is rich and so special! Thanks for being you!


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