Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Review

We had the BEST weekend ever!
My Mom and Dad were in town, and it was so good to see them and spend time together.
They got here on Wednesday and we enjoyed dinner together and just visited.
Of course, a quick trip the the creamery was in order for some amazing ice cream.
Then, they were off to Park City as part of their 30th anniversary trip 
and we finished out the week of studies, work, etc.

On Friday, they went to the BYU/Utah State Game... Go Aggies!!
And Brad and I attended his mission reunion 
where I was able to meet his mission president for the first time.

And at midnight, we all piled in the car to head to Park City.
On Saturday morning, we enjoyed breakfast all together and 
then watched the first session of General Conference. 
As soon as it was over, we left for Salt Lake, 
where we would attend the second session in the Conference Center. 

It was so good to attend conference together and have the day with family.
After the second session, we went to dinner.
Mom and Dad surprised us by treating us to dinner at The Roof,
an amazing restaurant that overlooks Temple Square.
And let me tell you, dinner was so yummy. It was such a fun atmosphere too.
We definitely weren't expecting such a neat surprise, but we were so grateful that 
we were able to experience The Roof with my parents.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sorry for the bad photo... the sun was coming right in the window.
After dessert, we sent the boys off to Priesthood session, 
and I got to enjoy two whole hours alone with my mom!!
It was the best time! We just enjoyed chatting and spending time together. 
We went to Deseret Book and met a couple of our favorite authors and ran into lots of friends.
It was perfect.

Afterwards, we met up with our boys again and drove back to Park City.
The whole day was just right.

On Sunday, we drove back to Provo and enjoyed seeing the fall leaves through Provo Canyon.
We watched conference in our apartment and tried to soak in our last few hours together.
All of conference was amazing and faith promoting.
I am grateful for living prophets today who lead and guide us.
I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for providing a path back to Them.
I am grateful for eternal truths that keep me grounded in a changing world.
I am grateful for covenants that allow us to have eternal families.

It was sad sending my parents off to the airport, and I miss them terribly already,
but I am so glad that we had such a great weekend together!

Thanks Dad and Mom for a wonderful time!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Mail Project

Do you ever feel like all you get in the mail is bills, junk, and more junk?
I know I do!
But is there anything better than getting a real honest-to-goodness snail mail letter?
The only thing that might be better is an honest-to-goodness snail mail package!
But those are usually few and far between.
Birthdays and Christmas maybe... and that's only if your family and close friends live elsewhere.

Well, Lauren over at Pink on the Cheek thinks there is nothing greater than happy mail too.
And she doesn't think we need to wait for birthdays or Christmas.
We don't even need to wait for a family member to get an inkling to send something. 
You see, Lauren pairs up bloggers to get to know each other and then swap 
Happy Mail Packages!
What a fun idea, right?

I was SO lucky to be paired with the amazing Samantha.
If you don't know her/read her blog, you should. 

I didn't know Samantha at all before this project, but we had a fun time swapping emails, 
reading each others blog posts, and getting to know each other. 
Samantha and I were both SUPER busy through the month, 
but it was nice to still make time to write.
It was like having a pen pal all over again! 
You know that exciting feeling you got in elementary school when you realized your mystery pal 
from the class next door responded to your last letter?
It was a lot like that! 
I loved learning more about Samantha and preparing a box I thought she would like.

And at the end of the month, Samantha sent me this amazing package

It was like she knew exactly what I would pick out for myself!
I am a bit obsessed with the scarf. Super adorable and amazingly warm.
The nail polish is the perfect early fall color.
How did she know that I always make my piano students Halloween cupcakes?
The cupcake papers will be absolutely perfect!
And can we please talk about the carmel apple milky ways???
Seriously, I didn't even know these existed.
In Brad's words, this is the only way they should make Milky Way.
So. Good.
And I am so happy to have a new white board that magnetizes to my fridge.
Ours is getting old and blackened. So that was so perfect!
And the school supplies are so great for work right now!
I know... I'm an awkward selfie taker... because I never do it. But you just HAD to see the scarf!
And the polish. Such a great color, right?

Samantha, I had so much fun getting to know you and I am glad that we will stay friends! 
And another thank you to Lauren for organizing the Happy Mail Project.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why October is the Best Month of the Year

I love fall.
It's probably my very favorite season.
In fact, October is my favorite month in the year. 

While the week of Christmas is my favorite week of the year,
December is actually a pretty stressful month for the first half.
Final exams, school coming to a close, trying to get finals papers and projects in etc.
Maybe once we are out of college, I won't feel that way about December.

October is a whole different ballgame.
School is pretty mellow in October.
Even if midterms come around, they're not much different than a regular test.
The weather is practically perfect.
The evenings and mornings are cool enough for a glass of hot apple cider.
General Conference is the first weekend of October.
It's my birthday month.
I can start eating pumpkin everything.
(Though we started a little early this year)
Fall break happens.
The leaves are beautiful.
And, I love Halloween. Not the scary parts... I don't do scary well...but seeing cute kids
in cute costumes, carving pumpkins, taking a hay ride, caramel apples, carnivals.
All the good parts.
Thus, October is my very favorite month.

Basically, I love October. I am so excited that we made it to the greatest month of the year!

Do you love October?
What is your favorite month of the year?

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