Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Christmas Thought

Merry Christmas, everyone! I am sorry that I have been MIA on the blog, but we have been enjoying our family time in the wonderful state of Arizona, and blogging hasn't been a priority this week.

This morning, as I studied my scriptures, I was brought back to the same thought I have almost every year at this time... who am I in the Christmas story? Every Christmas, we all have the opportunity to decide what to make of Christmas and I think there is a perfect parallel between our decisions and that first Christmas story.

So who am I? Who are you?

Mary: Understanding, blessed, faithful, willing and wanting to do all that God asked of her. Contemplating the miracle that is Jesus, "pondering it in her heart." Are we like Mary? Do we seek to be the best we can so as to be worthy of the presence of Christ? To we marvel at the miracle of His birth, life, suffering, sacrificial death, and resurrection? Do we seek to be with Him this Christmas?

Joseph: Kind, compassionate, wanting to do what is best, willing to take a back seat to the miracle of Christmas. I imagine Joseph concerned about every comfort for Mary and the Christ Child. He was faithful and trusted in God and His word. Are we like Joseph? Perhaps not understanding all that is Jesus, but wanting to, willing to, and moving forward with faith?

The InnKeeper: Busy, preoccupied, unaware. I like to think of the innkeeper as a kind man who was trying to do good and help others, but was so wrapped up in good things that he overlooked the most important thing. He was full. He had already taken in more guests than he had room for. He just couldn't do any more. He was stretched to his limit. Was he one who the shepherds ran to to tell of the coming of the Savior? Did he feel shame? Regret? Did he wonder how he could have missed the most important guest of all? Are we like the Innkeeper? Busily running from here to there to prepare the "perfect" Christmas for our loved ones, complete with beautiful gifts, deliciously tantalizing food, joyous carols, and twinkling lights, but missing the most important piece of CHRISTmas? Do our children care more about Him, or the gifts under the tree? Do we notice the needy people around us or are we too busy rushing to our next dinner party?

The Angel: Joyously proclaims the truth. Are we like the angel? Do we already know Jesus and want to make it know to the whole earth? If we know, are we singing His praises. Do we join with our "host of angels" to sing hosannas in gratitude for the gift of the King?

The Shepherd: Humble and prepared to receive truth. Once they learned of the Christ child, they ran to see Him, to know Him. They left their work and all that they knew to come to know Him. And then, when they had felt the Spirit witness to them that Jesus truly was the promised Messiah, they went and told all who would hear. Are we like the shepherds? Do we keep ourselves in a way that will allow for Heavenly truths to be given us? Do we leave all that's necessary in order to know Jesus? Do we then tell our friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers about our Savior?

Wisemen: Waiting and watching, going in the moment to find the Christ child. Traveling far distances over a long period of time, watching for the signs of His location. Are we like the wisemen? Doing whatever it takes to find Christ in Christmas? Looking for Him in all things and seeking Him, regardless of challenges and obstacles?

So who are we? With Christmas fast approaching, it is not too late to readjust. To stop worrying about the gifts, the food, the lights, the trees, and the parties, and remember
Please take 3 min to watch this beautiful video.
What will you give to Him this Christmas?
What will you give because of Him?

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  1. so beautiful! I honestly think ive been very inn keeper like, thanks for the reminder what this season is truly about and refocusing me :)


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