Monday, January 26, 2015

Comedy Sportz

If you're in the Provo area and looking for a great, affordable date night, you definitely need to check out Comedy Sportz. They are a clean comedy joint that gives you over an hour of laughs for only $8! And if you go on Thursdays, you get a shorter show for only $5. I haven't seen it, so I can't speak for the Thursday show, but it's definitely a great deal. If you aren't in the Provo area, never fear. They have Comedy Sportz groups throughout the nation. Find your nearest location here.

We had never heard of Comedy Sportz, but when my cousin suggested it for a double date, we were game to give it a try. I will be totally honest and tell you that we were a little worried about what we were getting ourselves into. We had been to one other comedy show in the area and it was pretty bad... just not funny at all. So we went into the show with relatively low expectations, but trusting my cousin that it was actually a great show. And it didn't disappoint! We loved the whole show and laughed like crazy.

Comedy Sportz is an improv show, so no preparation and you don't know what you're going to get. They don't make jokes about Sports, (apparently some people think that's what they're getting when they buy tickets to Comedy Sportz), but they do comedy as a sport. Basically two teams of comedians play "games" and the audience votes on who wins each round. The referee also has a lot of say in the matter, and is one of the funniest of the group. If you ever watched Who's Line is it Anyway, the games are similar to that. At least from what I remember of the one episode I watched of that show in my entire life... you know. And with it being totally clean comedy, you don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable at all. The crowd was full of kids, teenagers, college students, adults, and even grandparents. So you can feel comfortable making it a family affair. Our show was sold out, and it sounds like that's pretty common for the weekend shows, so get your tickets in advance here

In all, a laugh-out-loud funny show that we would recommend to all. So glad that we were able to go!

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