Thursday, March 12, 2015

38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I haven't actually posted an official pregnancy update since 22 weeks... barely past the half way point! And now, here I am, only 2 weeks away from the arrival of this little girl. After a number of requests for a pregnancy update, I suppose I can oblige. I guess it's only kind since most of our family is in a different state, and are a bit in the dark about all of this.

How far along:  38 weeks! Holy cow this is getting real!!
Baby is the size of: A pumkpin! Yikes, how does something that big even fit inside of me?! Definitely a miracle. 
Maternity Clothes?: Obviously. I am quite huge. 
Stretch Marks: Still No! Definitely no complaints here... just pleasantly surprised. Hopefully at this point, I won't get any, but you never know.  They say you can get them right up to the end.
Sleep: Oh you know... it's overrated anyways I suppose. Between being uncomfortably disproportionate, terrible heartburn, and just plain old insomnia, I don't sleep all that well. But it's worth it, growing this little girl. 
Best moment this week: My mom and dad were in town for just a day, but it was awesome to see them! Mom will be back when Baby K arrives! 
Movement: Yes! I often joke that she has punctured my spleen when I get a particularly hard kick... granted, I don't even actually know where the spleen is located... or even what it does...
Cravings: Nothing major. I still love eggs and bread, but don't feel a strong need for either. Actually, my appetite has been all over the place recently. I have to remind myself to eat sometimes while other times I'm suddenly starving. Weird. 
Anything make you sick/queasy?: Not anymore. Things have been good since about 25 weeks.
Have you started to show yet?: Oh yes! And to think that I thought I was huge at 22 weeks... it's kind of funny looking back and suddenly not feeling so bad about my pre-pregnancy self. Self confidence during pregnancy is a funny thing... even though I know that I am growing a baby, the fact of the matter is that my stomach is huge and I'm 33 pounds heavier than I was 8.5 months ago... 
Gender: It's a girl! If you missed that announcement, check it out here.
Happy or Moody?: I try to be happy, but sometimes the moody comes out. Generally when I'm really extra exhausted.
Looking Forward To: Baby's arrival!!! Only 2 more weeks until the due date!

So there you have it, friends. I am chugging along waiting for this little girl. Due date is the 26th, and Mom gets here the 25th, so I think it would be ideal to go into labor the night of the 25th! haha. Brad is being a trooper. He is so good about helping me through aches and pains and reminding me that even though I can't do all the things I used to, I am doing the most important thing by just growing this little girl. He is going to be the most amazing dad and when I worry about my own mothering skills, I remember that he will definitely make up for my deficits. Good thing we are a team. So here we go... only 2 more weeks (hopefully) and we will have this little girl in our arms!


  1. You look great! Congratulations on your sweet little girl. I hope you have a quick and easy delivery. :)

    1. Thanks, Logan! You are getting close too! So exciting

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  3. You look so cute! I can't believe it's almost time! How exciting! :)

    1. Thanks Breanna! We can't believe it either! At first it seemed like it was taking forever, but suddenly we are almost there!!

  4. I am so with you on the crazy appetite. I'm either stuffed or starving, there is no middle ground. And beware if I'm starving! Joe knows to get out my way till I've eaten ;)

    1. Nina, that is too funny! Brad has learned the same thing ;)


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