Monday, March 2, 2015

Mommies are People Too

Brad and I teach the "Sunbeam" class at church on Sunday. 
This is a cute little Sunday School class for ages 3 and 4. 
We love teaching these precious souls and seeing them learn more about God and Jesus Christ.
This age group is very innocent, and very honest. They say all that they want to say.

On Sunday, one of the little boys looked at me and said,
"You still have a baby in your tummy??"
His words could not have mirrored how I feel any more perfectly.
Yes, I am still pregnant. I feel like I have been pregnant for ages and it may never end.
I'm sick, uncomfortable, emotional, and irritable.
With three and a half weeks to go, let me tell you, I am soooo ready for this little girl to get here.

But what the little boy said next is what really got me thinking.
"You know, Mommies are people too."
At first, this was just a funny little statement from a young boy.
But I started thinking about it, and suddenly, 
that was the most powerful thing I had heard at church all day.
From the mouth of babes.

Mommies are people too.

Recently, all I can think about is this major life change that I am about to experience 
and the change it is bringing about in my life.
Already, my thoughts are centered on the well-being of this little girl inside of me.
What I eat, what I listen to, how I exercise, etc. is all based on what I think will be good for her.
And I know that I am already her Mommy.
I know that some day, her little friends will call me "K's Mommy."
I know that my life will revolve around getting kids up, dressed, fed, entertained, taught, and loved.
I know that being a Mommy will become who I am and who I want to be.
I will seek to raise my children in a Christ-centered home.
I will try to become the kind of woman that my daughters want to be and my sons want to marry.
And I will love being a Mommy.

Sometimes, I think people mistake the joys of motherhood and see them as burdens.
The laundry never ends. Someone is always hungry. Someone is always dirty.
I'm sure there are times where a woman doesn't want to hear the word "mom" one more time that day.
And that's when we need to remember
Mommies are people too.
Beyond the laundry, cooking, cleaning, organizing, planning, errands, and daily task,
a Mom still has goals, desires, interests, and loves.
While teaching her children, a Mommy teaches more by being who she is.

I think of my amazing mother and all of the wonderful memories I have with her.
Not only was she the best mom I could have asked for, she was the most interesting person and greatest friend.
My mom teaches me a lot just by the kind of person that she is.

One of our first family photos.

I learned to love God because of the person my mother is.
As a Mommy, she taught us from the scriptures, taught us to pray, and showed us who Christ is.
As a person, I saw her living a Christlike life every day. Praying, studying God's word, living as Christ would.

I learned to serve by watching my mother.
As a Mommy, she served us daily, feeding us, clothing us, talking us through trouble.
In her daily life, she was always serving others. Taking a meal in to a needy family, talking to 
a heartbroken friend, lifting a neighbor in need...

I learned to love to read because I watched my mom read.
As a mommy, she read to us both individually and as a family.
On her own, she read for pleasure and took the time to do something she enjoyed.

I learned to have fun with my mom.
In our family, we worked hard and played harder. We had to get the chores done and then we played.
My mom never took herself too seriously, and was always willing to get in there and play with us.
Even as an adult, some of my funnest memories are with my mom.
Like when I brought these amazing pants home from Argentina and we had a gangster party to try them on.

I learned to love by watching my mom love me and others.
This is her reaction when I get off the plane from Argentina after being gone for 18 months.
I love this picture.
Truly, as kids, we know that our mom loves us.

So yes, it might be easy to get caught up in daily tasks and be discouraged with the "Mommy" title.
While I think it is the best title in the world, one of divine heritage, 
I also think that it is important to remember
Mommies are people too.
And it is in seeing those amazing women that our children will learn the most.
For they will see who we truly are, not just the things we do.


  1. Oh my goodness...I teach sunbeams and that is the sweetest thing! I love love that age and how their minds work, so precious.

    1. Aren't they just wonderful?? I love the sunbeams!!

  2. What a beautiful post! And you will be an awesome mommy!

  3. What a beautiful, sweet post! And I have to say, I absolutely love the name of your blog!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! We like it too. :)

  4. That is so sweet and true, mommy's are people too. I love the things kids say. And your mom sounds like an amazing person :)

    1. Nina, she really is. I hope to be even half the mother she is to me.

  5. What an adorable kid! Your mom seems like an amazing woman and role model.

    1. Aren't kids so adorable? I love the sweet things they say. And thank you. My mother is amazing.

  6. This is the best. We often forget to treat OURSELVES like we're people too. We're so busy making sure everyone else is okay that we forget to make sure WE are okay. This is such an awesome post!

    1. Thank you, Sonja! And you are SO right... we have to take care of ourselves. If we aren't okay, it's hard to be able to help others.

  7. I don't know your mom, but this post makes me love her! What a wonderful tribute. That was a great word that little boy shared. I am sure you will always remember it and there will be certain times you will need too.

    1. Natalie, she really is so amazing. I hope to become more like her! And you are so right, this little boy has truly given me a gem.

  8. Awesome post and your mom has set the standard for you too to be an awesome mom!

  9. Love you! Love your mom! Love your Grandma! And love Kymri too!!!!! :)


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