Monday, April 27, 2015

Somehow a Month Has Passed

Time has flown by much too quickly. Suddenly our baby is already a month old! We had a lot of fun on Saturday with a little photo shoot. (loving our new camera). Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the last month of our life and our beautiful little girl.

Dear Kymri,

My, how this month has flown by! Your daddy and I have loved watching you grow and learn. But we think you need to slow down! You are getting too big too fast.

We haven't been to the doctor in over a week, so we aren't absolutely positive, but a week ago, you weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 21.5 inches long. But you are feeling a lot heavier this week, so we think you have gained quite a bit. Good for you! You can't fit into your Newborn clothes anymore. The 0-3 month clothes are still a little big, but you are really starting to fill them out.

So far, your eyes are still a grey-blue, but we will see if they change. Daddy thinks they will be brown. I'm still not totally sure. Maybe you will get Daddy's blue eyes.

You are getting much better about sleeping at night. You still like to wake up every 2 or 3 hours to eat, but now you go right back to bed, so I am getting more sleep too and feeling good. I always change your diaper half way through the feeding because it wakes you up enough to finish eating. If I let you fall asleep before you finish, you will just wake up again a half an hour later. But we have a pretty good system down now. Every now and again you don't want to go back to sleep after a night feeding, and daddy takes you for awhile so that I can get some sleep. He's a good daddy.

During the day, you usually take two naps for about an hour and a half to two hours each. You sometimes fall asleep on top of your longer naps for little cat naps of 10 minutes or so. But for the most part, you are becoming much more alert and starting to be more and more active during the day.

In the last week, you have started to track with your eyes and this is our new favorite game! Daddy and I like to catch your eye and then move from side to side and talk to you while your eyes follow us. You even turn your head along with us.

You have started to make some pretty funny faces. It is absolutely adorable! You have discovered how much fun it is to stick out your tongue.

You have rolled over from your tummy to your back three times! The first time it was a bit of a fluke and we didn't think it would happen again any time soon. You are too little! But then you did it two other times in the last two days, and you actually seemed to know what you were doing. You don't love your tummy time, so you start kicking your legs and get a little bit upset until you flip to your back and then you calm down all over again. Don't you know that you are only one month old??? At this rate, we aren't going to be able to keep you in one spot for very much longer. You sure do think that you are a big girl.

There are lots of things that you like, and some things that you don't like. You love to cuddle with me and daddy. You love when we talk to you and you are starting to find your voice a little bit and have started to coo every now and again. You LOVE to eat. You must be going through a growth spurt because recently, you have wanted to eat every hour! Before that, you ate every 2 to 3 hours with the occasional 4 hour stretch. You are super content until you decide that you are hungry. Then you are suddenly angry and let me know that you want to eat right then. We have been trying to teach you to take a bottle with pumped milk, but you want none of that. We will keep working. Recently, you have loved laying on a blanket on the floor on your back. You like to look around and take in the world. You like to be walked and rocked and sung to. You like the Shushing sound. You like the sound my blow dryer makes. You like the light. You find a light and just stare at it for awhile. You like riding in the car and fall fast asleep when we get in (only two times so far to your doctors appointments).

You don't like having your diaper changed, but you also don't want to sit in a messy diaper. You don't like your crib. Luckily, you like your bassinet, but we are hoping to move you to the crib soon. Still in our room... Mommy can't picture you being in another room yet. I like having you near and being able to check on you. You don't like your bath, but you are starting to realize that it's not so bad. You don't like when we use the nose aspirator. But we can't blame you there.

In this month, you have had lots of visitors. You met all four of your grandparents and they are all completely in love with you. You met your Grammy (my Grandma), Uncle Mackay, Uncle Kadon, Aunt Kim, and some of mommy and daddy's cousins. They all think you are beautiful. The first thing almost everyone says about you is "look at all that hair!"

You used to spit up a lot, but that has gone down since I stopped eating dairy. Yesterday you didn't spit up at all until bedtime. I miss milk, but you are worth it.

You still have us totally mesmerized and we think the world of you. We love watching you learn and grow and discover new things. We love to talk to you, in both English and Spanish, and you are becoming more alert to what we are saying. We wonder how much you are taking in. We love being a little family and learning more about each other with every day.

We are getting excited because you are almost big enough to leave the house. The doctor says that we can go back to church on Sunday and we are so excited to join daddy there. We are planning on going on lots of walks now that the weather is finally warming up. Daddy has a month off between his finals and his summer job, so we are enjoying a lot of time with him. We are looking forward to heading down to Arizona for the summer where you will meet even more of your family. They are all anxious to meet you. Everyone thinks you are so great -- and you are!

In all, this has been a wonderful month. We can't believe how quickly it has flown by. You are growing up so fast and you look different almost every day:


One Week

One Month

We love you so much! Happy one month.


  1. I LOVE her name! She is precious. You look great, mama! Soak up every moment because it does FLY by!

    1. Thank you Logan! I'm trying to enjoy every single moment.

  2. Woooot go momma and family! I kept thinking of conversational items through this whole post, like, Sophie did that too!, or Yeah, she didn't leave our room until after she was 3 months, and I almost cried! haha. Growing babies are such an adventure! Glad to see it's going well! :)

    1. Katie, I will be right there with you. I'm sure I'll cry when it's time for Kymri to leave our room


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