Thursday, June 18, 2015

2 years--And I Thought I Loved You Then

Yesterday marked two years of marital bliss for us! The last year has been one amazing ride! We survived Brad's second year of law school, which on top of regular course work and maintaining his amazing GPA included TAing a first year contracts class, working for the Utah Supreme Court, assisting professors with research, applying for and being offered a clerkship, law review article selection, and a 30 page substantial writing project which was selected for publication. Have I told you how amazing Brad is?? He did all of that while taking care of his pregnant wife--enduring crazy emotions and hormones, massaging my leg cramps, running to fulfil random cravings, and preparing the house for the arrival of our little one. We never missed a Friday date night, we had family home evening every Monday, and Sunday is the Lord's day--church, service, and family, but no studies for Brad, a personal decision he has made in faith, knowing The Lord will bless him for it. In this last year, we also moved--just around the corner, but into a bigger apartment to make room for baby. We traveled to Idaho and Arizona to see family. We attended weddings where we celebrated the beginning of new lives together, and funerals where we celebrated amazing lives lived. We decided that I would leave my job as a mentor to at risk youth and prepare to be a stay at home mom. We laughed a lot, cried a bit, grew together, and enjoyed the journey every single day. And of course the biggest change came with the birth of our sweet baby Kymri. What a year this has been! 

When we were married, I didn't think it was possible to love Brad any more than I did that day. But my love for him has grown every single day and I see now that it will only continue to do so. 

When we were married, I loved the way Brad looked at me, like I was his world. Now I love that he not only looks at me that way, but shows me every day that I am everything he wants. 

When we were married, I loved that Brad saw the very best in me and loved me for it. Now, I love that he has seen me at my lowest moments, helped me through my trials and struggles, stood by me in my less than stellar times, and still chooses to see the good and love me unconditionally through it all. 

When we were married, I loved Brad's kindness and compassion. Now I see him serving in so many capacities that I'm amazed by the care and concern he is capable of. He prays with such faith that he will be led to those he can help and I love watching him bless my life as well as the lives of those around us. 

When we were married, I loved that we could sit and talk for hours and that Brad could make me laugh. Now, after 730 days of joy and laughter, I love that he is the one I say good morning and good night to every day and we have still not run out of things to say to each other. 

When we were married, I loved that Brad put The Lord first. Now I see him do so even when it means waking up at 5 AM to study the scriptures and pray before a crazy day of studies and work and I love him for it. 

When we were married, I loved the knowlege that we were commited to each other and would one day expand our family. Now I see him fulfilling not only his role as husband, but becoming the most amazing father and my heart bursts with love and gratitude.

When we were married, I loved that we had know each other for 20 years and were the best of friends. I loved that I didn't remember my life without Brad. Now I love that I will never have to. 

When we were married, I thought it was impossible to love him any more than I did. But now I see that our love grows every day and it's a love without bounds. 

Happy two years! 

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