Thursday, June 25, 2015

3 Month Update

I really don't understand how another month has passed and I'm back again to do another update. Kymri Jo turned 3 months old today! Time is flying by and she is growing and changing every single day. It's fun to see all of the new things that she can do and watch her learn and discover, but it's sad to see some things pass. Mostly, we are just trying to enjoy every single day. Sorry for the picture overload... we had a little bit too much fun this morning!

Dear Kymri,

Wow! You are three months old! This has been quite the month for you. We can't believe how much you have grown. We don't go back to the doctor until you turn four months, so these stats are probably a little bit off, but it's the best we can do. You weight about 14.5 lbs! Seriously, you are one solid baby! You've grown out of your 0-3 month clothes. You're wearing 3-6 month clothes, even though they are a little big. They need an in-between size!

We have been in Arizona this month and we are loving it! It has been so much fun for you to meet family members and they absolutely love you. There is generally an argument over who gets to hold you at family parties and we have to help everyone take turns. 

This month, you have become even more smiley and we have even gotten a couple of giggles out of you. We love your smiles! Sometimes you have cute little smiles and other times they are huge, open mouthed grins. You get so excited to see new things and you smile, coo, and kick like crazy. It's adorable. 

You have definitely found your voice, and you just want to talk so badly! You are constantly cooing and it's the most adorable thing ever. We "talk" back and forth and you are so cute making so many sounds. 

You are obsessed with your hands. You love to look at them, play with them, and you especially love sucking on them. You try to fit your entire fist into your mouth!

Tummy time is getting better. For awhile, I helped hold your chest up so that you could still see everything while lifting your head, and you liked that much better. Now, you can pretty much do the same thing on your own. 

Your hair is getting so long on the sides but is still hardly growing at all on the top. It's so long on the sides that we could put it into piggy tails! 

We would never go out in public like that, but we sure did have fun with it! And now that it's on the internets... 

You are SO curious, Kymri! You love to look around and discover new things. You are wide eyed and interested in everything around you. Because of that, it takes is a long time to get you down for your naps. Even if we go into a dark room that you have been in a bunch of times, you are still just so curious and want to look at everything and take it all in. Right now, you are down for a nap, but it took us 30 min to get you to sleep! Silly girl! Once you fall asleep, you take pretty good naps. Usually an hour and a half to two hours... The trouble is getting you there! 

Even though nap time has gotten a little more difficult, you are sleeping really well at night! You have done six and a half hour stretches about four times, and you very consistently have at least a five hour stretch. After that you do two stretches of 2-3 hrs each. You are quite the early bird though, and generally want to be awake for the day by 5:30 or 6am. Sometimes I'm still sleepy and daddy takes you for an hour before he leaves for work so that I can get a little bit more sleep. He's the best!

You are obsessed with ceiling fans! You will stare at them forever as though you're trying to figure them out. You smile and giggle a little bit when you are under a fan. You especially love fans that also have lights.

Your reflux is gone! You still spit up a lot, but it doesn't hurt you any more and you don't have to take your zantac! We are so glad. You only had to take it for about two weeks, so that's not so bad. We are glad to have our happy baby back. I've also tried to slowly reintroduce dairy into my diet and it seems to be okay! I'm taking it slow because I'm still not positive, but here's to hoping!

You are getting used to staying with your grandparents while daddy and I go out on dates about once a week. It's still hard for me to leave you, but I think it's good for both of us. For the most part, you do pretty well when we leave. You are taking your bottle of pumped milk like a champ and you are enjoying being with your grandparents and uncles. I miss you like crazy when I leave you though and it's always so good to come home to you! You are a bit of a momma's girl, so I like to think that you're glad when I come home too. 

We celebrated daddy's first Father's Day this past month and it was great! You have the most amazing dad! 

You will be blessed this upcoming Sunday and we are really looking forward to it! I'm so glad that your daddy is a worthy priesthood holder who can give you the blessing that Heavenly Father has prepared for you. It will be a very special day. You are going to wear the same pretty white dress that I wore for my baby blessing almost 26 years ago! Special.

Well, it has been an absolutely amazing month! Your daddy and I love you so much. Thank you for being such a good baby and for loving us even though we are learning and figuring things out right along with you. 



  1. She is a beautiful solid baby! That side hair--those pig tails kill me! That's so good you guys are going on regular dates, especially because I know you are both so busy--we need to work on that :)

    1. Thanks Katie! Regular dates are definitely tricky and we aren't the best at it, but we are trying.

  2. She is a beautiful solid baby! That side hair--those pig tails kill me! That's so good you guys are going on regular dates, especially because I know you are both so busy--we need to work on that :)

  3. Oh Kailei, Kymri is SO beautiful! And she looks exactly like you :) All the best for your lovely family!
    Helena xx

    1. Thank you Helena!! Kymri really has been such a special addition and great blessing to our family!


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