Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4 Month Update

Every month seems to fly by even faster than the last. It feels like just yesterday that I was doing our three month update, but here I am again to tell you all about four months! Crazy.

Dear Kymri,

You turned four months old on Saturday! We keep telling you to stop growing so quickly, but you just don't listen. I guess we just have to keep up with you. 

This has been a really fun month. We are still in Arizona while daddy finishes up his internship.  We only have one more week here. It went way too fast. We are really going to miss your grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends. It will be nice to be back in our home, but we sure wish we could take everyone with us. 

This month saw a lot of growth and change for you. You are really gaining weight!! We won't have your four month well visit for another week and a half since our doctor is in provo, but on our at home scale you weight 17 lbs!! What a big girl! You are getting very strong too and have full control of your neck. You still haven't figured out that it doesn't go all the way around and you keep trying to make it go. You can also sit up well supported and you even like to stand up with our help. You can push yourself up on your arms when we do tummy time and you can roll from your belly to your back. You don't do it all the time, but it's getting more consistent. Daddy still hasn't seen you roll over, so we're still waiting on that one. 

You are quite the social butterfly. You love being around people and you love going out to new places. Your big, beautiful eyes take it all in. Everyone just loves you and always comments on how pretty you are. 

I mentioned last month that you were about to receive your baby blessing. It was a beautiful blessing, and we know that Heavenly Father loves you and will continue to guide you. You cried through the entire blessing and had a tough day all together, so we had to wait and take most of the pictures the next day.

Your had your first Fourth of July and you looked absolutely adorable in your patriotic tutu.

Nap time is getting better. I learned a trick, and it sounds really silly, but it works! I take you into the bathroom or the closet where it is completely dark since there are no windows and rock you there. Since you can't see anything, you are asleep within five minutes instead of being curious and looking around for a half hour or more. Since you've started getting better naps, you have been even happier. 

Night time sleeping has been a little rough this month. You were only waking up once or twice until about 3 weeks ago when you started waking up about 4 or 5 times per night. You want to eat about twice and the other times you just want to be held. You go right back to sleep when you get up, but sometimes only stay asleep if we hold you. Last night for example you absolutely refused to sleep on your own, so daddy held you all night so that I could sleep. It was so nice of him! We are loving and helping you through it, but we are getting really tired. Hopefully you go back to your good night sleeping soon.

Our friend Darby took some absolutely gorgeous pictures of you. We might be biased, but we think you are the most beautiful baby there ever was! 

Your smiles and giggles are the cutest things ever and we can't get enough of them! You love to play with toys that make noise, play peek-a-boo, sing songs, go for walks, be lifted in the air, and dance. All of these are sure to make you smile and giggle. We love that you are such a happy baby! 

You have started to really enjoy toys and can even hold on to them and play. 

Like I said, your 4 month checkup with be a little late since we are still on vacation, so we will know your growth statistics then and I will come back and update everyone on how much you have grown.

Thank you for such a great month! Staying home with you is such an amazing blessing and I am loving every single minute of it. Watching you learn and grow brings me so much joy. Daddy and I love you so much! 

All my love,


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