Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Month Update

I really don't understand how time seems to keep going faster and faster! I feel like a blink and another month has passed. Kymri is now 5 months old!!

Dear Kymri,

Oh how much I love you! I can't even seem to put into words how special you are to me and your daddy. We love you more than you could ever know. 

This month has been so much fun! You're little personality is really shining through and it's adorable. You love like and you are so happy with the world around you. 

Let's get the one not so great thing out of the way first: you are still struggling with sleep. Last night you were up four times! We are starting to consider some sleep training, even though we originally didn't want to do any. Even though I'm exhausted, I could keep getting up with you but I feel like your little body needs longer stretches of sleep than you are getting. I'm not willing to do a cry it out method so I'm looking into some other options. Hopefully we can help you sleep better.

We are back home in Utah and even though we miss our Arizona family terribly, we have enjoyed being in our own house and have had a lot of fun with just our little family. Daddy had to go back to school yesterday, and we are really going to miss having him around the house. We were able to do lots of fun things this past month.

We took a little vacation up to salt lake and park city. You were perfect and loved seeing all the new things. We toured welfare square and the conference center, rode the gondolas, went on a hike, went shopping, and saw a show at olympic park. It was such a fun trip and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

You also went swimming for the first time! You loved it and didn't even seem to mind when one of the big kids at the pool came running by and accidentally splashed you. We had a lot of fun as you explored the water. We helped you "swim" from me to daddy and back and you liked that. It was nice to be able to go swimming indoors because you really don't like being in the sun.

You are rolling over like crazy. We can barely put you down before you've rolled over already. You are so proud of yourself. The first time you rolled from your back to your belly we cheered you on. The second time you rolled over and looked right up, waiting for your cheer. So cute.

You love to go outside as long as we take an umbrella with us so that the sun isn't right in your eyes. We try to go for a walk every day with you in the ergo carrier. It's so fun to watch you discovering the world around you. 

Your smiles and giggles are as big and as cute as ever. We love trying new things to get you to laugh and smile. 

You learning to sit up and you still need some support but you are getting very strong. The problem is that you want to move so badly that you throw yourself forward when we help you sit up, so we have to be very careful.

You've started to love to play with toys and figure out what they can do. You are even more curious than you ever have been and the smallest things are fascinating to you. I love to watch you. It's like I'm discovering the world through you all over again. 

Thank you for being my little buddy. We sure do have a lot of fun together and I'm so glad that I get to be home with you every day. I am so blessed to be your mom. Daddy and I love you so very much! 



  1. She is so stinking adorable! Those eyes! I love this age and it really just keeps getting better. My kids didn't start sleeping well until about 9 months, so hang in there mama!

    1. Thanks Sarah!! I've heard 9 months from a few other people too so here's to hoping!

  2. My little man slept 7-8 hours at a time from 3-6 months old and he has gotten worse ever since. I feel you! I'm up 3-4 times a night at the very least. I heard 9 months was the magic age, but he learned how to walk then and now HATES being trapped in his bed. He wakes up and wants to be out. We are considering some form of sleep training too because he is so sleepy during the day! Hang in there. Trying to figure out what is best for your little one can be hard! Your girl is darling!

    1. Thanks Kourtney! And good luck to you. A friend of Brad's from school told us basically the same thing... his little one learned to walk, and sleep went out the window. I hope it goes well for you if you do decide to sleep train. We haven't done anything major yet, but we did let Kymri learn how to put herself to sleep, which only required a little bit of fussing, and that has made a difference. Now we are only awake twice, which I can handle for now! haha. Good luck!


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