Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back Yard Picnic

The weather here has been absolutely amazing, and we are trying to soak up every last minute of it before it turns to the bitter cold of winter. We've been enjoying our Stay-At-Home Date Ideas, and last weekend was a perfect opportunity for our backyard picnic.

Having a baby at home has been absolutely amazing, but has required some flexibility on our usual date night plans. As wonderful as she is, Kymri only last so long sitting in one spot, so restaurants can be tricky, and takeout has become a great date night option. Pair some sandwiches with a big blanket in the back yard, and you have one easy, relaxing, fun date night.

Last weekend, Kymri and I ran to pick up sandwiches from Jimmy Johns while Brad finished up his day at school and we picked him up on our way home. If you want a truly 100% stay-at-home date, Jimmy Johns delivers! They will even deliver just one sandwich. We picked ours up simply because we had some errands to run in the area.

We spread out a big blanket and ate while enjoying catching up after a busy week of only seeing each other for short amounts of time each day. Jimmy Johns has lots of great sandwich options. Brad went with the Vito and I had the Beach Club. Both were delicious! It was nice to be together and be able to relax after a busy week. It is so important to us that we still have a weekly date night, even with a new baby at home and limited options for a babysitter. And watching Kymri outside as she noticed even the smallest of things was so much fun! She loves to be outside and it is like we are discovering the world again through her eyes. Family date night is great!

For more ideas on fun stay-at-home dates, check out this post.
What fun, easy dates have you been on recently?

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