Friday, October 30, 2015

7 Month Update

Things have been busy around these parts! Hence, the lack of blog posts. Kymri turned 7 months old almost a week ago now. I can't believe how fast time has flown!!

Dear Kymri, 

Oh boy! How in the world are you 7 months old?? It doesn't seem possible that you should be closer to one year old than one day old. It's just not right. Haha. 

This has been such a fun month. You are growing and learning new things every single day. 

You are so close to crawling. You get up on your hands and knees and rock and rock until you just fall forward. We are sure you will do it any day now. I think you're starting to get just a little bit frustrated over it. 

You like to eat your food a little bit better now but you try to be so independent. It upsets you if I don't let you have your own spoon while you eat. That means you generally end up looking like this:

So we basically just strip you down to your diaper when it's time to eat. 

We gave you your first miniature haircut this month. It wasn't a full haircut, but we had to just trim the sides a little because they were getting pretty crazy. It was sad because we really love your hair, but it was definitely necessary. 

We did so many fun things this month! You went to your first pumpkin patch and corn maze and we went on your first hay ride. You are loving all the fall things and seeing the leaves change. We've also got everything prepared for your first Halloween. Grandma Shelley made you the cutest little costume. You are going as Woodstock from the Peanuts. Daddy will be Charlie Brown, and I will be Lucy. We'll share pictures after Halloween. 

You're stable sitting on your own and only fall over when you want to try to crawl and push yourself forward. 

We are still going on our daily walks but it's starting to get a little chilly so I don't know how much longer that will last. For now, we just get all bundled up before heading out.

Babbling is one of your favorite things to do. You say ba, da, ma, and ga but don't really attribute any specific words to any specific things. But I could almost say you said ma-ma when you saw me on Sunday, though I can admit it might have just been in my head. But you're close. 

You're still a major mama's girl and are starting to have some separation anxiety. I love that you're my girl but I do hope that you'll be able to be okay with others too. You also love your daddy. You get so excited when he comes home at the end of every day and want to go right to him!

Sleep is much better. You're only up once a night. Every now and again you're up two or three times, but generally only once. So things are looking up there. Last night was definitely an exception because you were up 5 times. I have no idea why, because things have been so much better recently. I've thought you were teething for over a month now, and still no teeth. But they say it can be a long process so maybe that's it. 

I love to watch you learn, grow, and develop. It's so fun to see you doing and trying new things. Thank you for being such a good baby. Daddy and I love you more than we can even say. 



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