Friday, October 2, 2015

Dancing With Daddy

A few weeks ago, I snapped this picture on my phone.
It's terrible quality.
The house is messy.

But it's one of my very favorites. 

Seriously, just looking at it right now melts my heart and gets me all teary eyed. Isn't it just so very precious? You can't tell, but Brad is singing to Kymri as they dance. I just love to see the love in his eyes as he looks down at her. I melt at the way she looks up at him, in awe of the amazing man that is her daddy. 

When Brad gets home, Kymri seriously goes crazy with excitement. She smiles from ear to ear and can't wait until he comes to pick her up. She stares into his eyes and melts into his hug. It is the most precious thing you have ever seen. The night I took this picture, they were having one of their priceless daddy-daughter moments. And my heart filled with love and joy watching the love they share. 

It reminded me of my own daddy. My hero. The man that I looked forward to seeing after his long day at work. The one who came home and had special moments with me. And I remembered my own special daddy-daughter moment. One I had looked forward to for years.

Dancing with my daddy was such a special time. I remember feeling so happy to be starting my life with Brad, knowing that I had found someone that my Dad not only approved of but was proud of and loved. This wasn't a moment of good-bye, but a moment of love and memories. It was a moment of looking forward to a future. A future that now includes our own daughter and her own special daddy-daughter moments. 

My wedding wasn't the first time that I danced with my daddy. As a little girl, I danced on the top of his feet. As a young woman, he taught me to dance before the big homecoming date. And I look forward to more dances in the future. 

Because there is just something so special about dancing with daddy.

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