Tuesday, December 1, 2015

8 Month Update

Seriously, this should not be happening! My baby is getting too big!! With Thanksgiving and such, I'm a little behind on getting this one out.

Dear Kymri, 

Eight months! How is that even possible? Every month seems to fly by even faster than the last, and you learn and grow more with each passing day. I just can't believe it. This month was so much fun and I just absolutely love watching you figuring things out. So fun. 
Super cute outfit courtesy of your uncle Kadon. You are seriously the most spoiled baby ever.  

Not a fan of your sticker this month.
Mainly you were mad that I kept stopping you from taking it off. 

A couple weeks ago, you slept through the night two nights in a row! The first night, you slept from 7:00 to 5:00, ate, and went back down til about 7:15. The next night, you slept from 6:45 all the way to 6:30 the next morning! It was amazing. Sadly, you got a terrible cold the next day and we were up all night. Poor thing, you couldn't breathe well, so we had to suction out your nose multiple times through the day and night, and I obviously let you nurse whenever you wanted to and cuddle for as long as you needed to. It was a miserable cold and you were sick for a whole week. You've been better for a few days now, but you're in the habit of waking up, so you are back to waking up 2 or 3 times a night. Back to the drawing board. 

You are such a happy baby! I love watching you get so excited over the simplest of things. Your laugh is the most adorable thing ever and you find humor and joy in everything around you. I love to try new things to make you laugh. Even when you were sick, you were so happy!

Your two bottom teeth came in this month! You don't really like showing them when I get the camera out, so sadly, no pictures to share. 

Halloween was so fun and you were the cutest little woodstock there ever was. We had a great time with our first family costume! We handed out s'mores to the trick-or-treaters and it was really fun to do something different. You enjoyed watching all the kids in costumes. 

This was a big month for you! You also started crawling! It's a bit of an army crawl sometimes, but you get 5 or 6 "steps" in up on your hands and knees before falling down and army crawling the rest of the way with your legs dragging behind you. We can tell that you are definitely proud of yourself and happy to be moble. And yes, you love getting into things!

You have started saying Da-Da! I'm not convinced that you know what it means yet, because you seriously say it all day long. It does seem that you say it even more when daddy comes home though, so maybe you're getting it. Other than da-da, you are still babbling all the time and making all sort of fun noises. Last week, you were imitating some sounds Grandma made and it was the cutest thing ever. 

Last week was your first Thanksgiving, and you loved it. I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time, and it was a blast! I didn't even burn the turkey! haha. Your daddy did a great job carving the turkey and everyone chipped in to help, so it wasn't too overwhelming. Grandma and Grandpa Shelley, Grammy, and Uncle Kadon all came up and my cousins Ashley and Phil joined us and Uncle Mackay stopped in for a bit. You absolutely loved all the attention and you were a bit of a show off to be honest. The cutest show off there ever was!

Uncle Kadon spoils you!

Grandma and Grandpa got you a Disney Christmas ornament since they are taking us to 
Disneyland this year. Seriously. So. Spoiled.

You love to eat! We haven't found anything that you don't like yet. You still eat baby food and are starting to try some table food. You always want to try whatever daddy and I are eating. You can even feed yourself some things and your pincher grasp is quite impressive. 

I started teaching a Mommy and Me music class each week and it has been so much fun to get together with the other moms and babies. We have a lot of fun singing songs and doing activities, and you are learning to interact with the other kids well. It's cute to see how excited you get when other kids are around. 

In just a few more weeks, daddy will be out of school and we will have a nice couple of week break before he starts his final semester. We are so excited for you to experience your first Christmas!! We can't wait to take you to see Christmas lights especially. You love lights so much that we are certain you will be in awe at the Christmas lights. So fun!! Mainly, we are excited to have daddy home!

Thank you for being the best baby! We love you more and more every day. Daddy and I feel so blessed to be your parents.

All my love,

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