Monday, January 25, 2016

10 Month Update

Cutest smile ever, right?
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How in the world have 10 months passed! I honestly don't know where the past month ran off to. I feel like I was just barely writing Kymri's 9 month update. Then again... I feel like I was just barely writing her birth story

Dear Kymri,

Where is the time going?? With each month, I am more and more amazed at how quickly it flies by. 

You are growing so fast! You are wearing 12-18 month clothes now! Your hair is getting thicker, and your cute little baby rolls are getting smaller now that you are moving so much. Don't get me wrong, you are still our big girl, but the baby fat is slowly falling off and it makes me a little sad. 

You are pulling up onto everything and can even cruise around the couch a bit while hanging on with one hand. You can reach down and pick up a toy without dropping to the ground and then stand right back up straight. There will be no stopping you soon! I love how proud you get every single time you pull up. You've been consistently pulling up for about 3 weeks, but you are still amazed with yourself. 

Your babble is even more constant than before. You talk pretty much all day long. Everything is so new and interesting to you, and you want to make your voice heard about it. You still don't attribute meaning to much of anything, but I am almost convinced that you know who da-da is. Then again, you say da-da all day long, so who knows for sure. You do understand a lot of what I say and will come right to me when I say "come here" without me reaching for you. I think you might even understand "no-no," but listening is another story! 

You are getting in to everything, so I have to watch you really closely. Not that I didn't before, but now I can't just run to grab something in the other room really fast, because you will definitely not be where I left you. 

"Oh! I wasn't supposed to pull the DVD player out??"

We have been enjoying going to the rec center recently. We bought passes and it has been great! It is still so cold outside, and we have been missing our walks. The rec center lets us take the stroller on the indoor track, so we can still go out and enjoy moving a bit. You love to watch all the people and the things they are doing. They think you are pretty cute too!

Yesterday, you cut your top two front teeth. They are just barely poking through, and I can tell that they are hurting you a little bit. Your gums are swollen all over, so I am sure that more teeth are soon to follow. Hopefully it all goes fast so that you aren't hurting as much. 

We have made some little friends and have been enjoying getting together with them to play. It's really fun to watch you trying to figure out what to do around other kids. We are still working on being able to share your toys... but other than that, playing with the other kids has gone really well and I think it's good for you. 

You are becoming quite the daddy's girl. You light up when he gets home and want nothing but his attention and time. It's adorable! I love watching the two of you play together. You definitely have your daddy wrapped around your little finger. 

I can't believe how much you can eat! We still haven't found anything that you don't like, though you definitely have preferences. I try to give you a few different things with each meal, and you absolutely make it known when you want to switch to something else or go back to the food you were eating before. You are also even more independent than ever and insist on feeding yourself. It gets a little messy, but you are learning, so I usually let you do it. 

It's been a really fun month! I still can't believe how fast time is flying by... I am trying to soak up every moment and enjoy every single day because they are slipping away all too quickly. I'm still loving that I get to stay home with you and that you are my little buddy. Seriously, we do everything together and you want to be right in there with me with whatever I'm doing--cooking, drying my hair, laundry, etc. Mostly, we just play and learn together all day long. It's the best job ever!

Love you so much!

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