Thursday, January 7, 2016

9 (and a bit) Month Update

Kymri turned 9 months old on Christmas day, but since we were gone for Christmas and New Years, I'm just a bit behind. We had a great vacation, including an amazing trip to Disneyland, which I will post about soon. But for now, Kymri's update!

Dearest Kymri,

When you were first born, for some reason, I figured you would be my baby until you were 9 months old, but then after that you would be a big girl. In some ways, you are still my baby. But in so many ways, you are becoming more like a big girl every day. You turned 9 months old on Christmas Day!

Even though you started crawling between 7 and 8 months, you are now crawling super fast all over the place and getting in to anything and everything you can. You love to explore and figure out how things work. The world is yours to discover.

Leading up to Christmas, we put our Fisher Price nativity up and you loved playing with it. It was such a great time to watch you play with each of the figurines and talking about the birth of Jesus. You are really in to toys and figuring out what they do and how they work. I love playing with you and watching you learn and figure things out.

You are eating a ton of solid foods. Recently you aren't a big fan of baby foods because you prefer table foods. And you always want to feed yourself. Miss Independent. You like pretty much everything you have tried so far, except for cinnamon. You love all sorts of fruit, but when we tried to sprinkle cinnamon on anything, you won't eat it. You also love to drink water and want your sippy cup close by all the time.

We had such an amazing Christmas! You were absolutely adorable. You were able to help open your gifts and it was so great to watch how excited you became with not only the gifts, but with the boxes and the wrapping. It was so adorable. We really enjoyed your first Christmas. What a special day it was!

We spent Christmas in Arizona, and it was so special! We loved spending time with Grandparents, cousins, Aunts, and Uncles. It was really great to have all the Pew cousins together.

After Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa Shelley took us all to Disneyland. It was such an amazing trip! We weren't sure how you would do, but you couldn't have been better! You loved everything you saw and it was so cute to watch you soak it all in! You even took great naps while we were there. It was absolutely perfect. We enjoyed spending time with the family and it was such a great trip! It's a Small World was your favorite by far. You loved the lights, music, and moving. It was so cute to watch you. You were also mesmerized by the lights, parades, balloons, other rides, and people all around. Meeting the princesses was so fun and you absolutely loved them. We had no idea that you would love it so much, and it was the best Disney experience we ever had watching you take it all in.

You babble all day long and can say ga-ga, da-da, ma-ma, ta-ta, etc. but you don't attribute meaning to anything yet.

You've started to pull yourself up onto everything, but can't stay standing for very long. I think you probably could stay standing for much longer if you weren't so curious. You get up and then see something else and fling yourself towards it. So I make sure to stay close by whenever you try to pull up on things.

Here, you're sitting in your Daddy's favorite chair from when he was a baby.

In all, you are such a happy baby! I love that the simplest of things bring you such joy. Your smile, laugh, and the twinkle in your eye are the best things ever! I absolutely love watching the happiness you feel every day.

We love you so much! Thank you for being the best baby ever!

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