Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Disneyland Vacation

To celebrate my Dad's retirement, my parents took our entire family to Disneyland for New Years. It was absolutely incredible! It was so fun to be on a trip with the entire family and it was especially amazing to watch Kymri taking it all in.

My parents rented a house, which was way better than staying in a hotel would have been. It was so fun to be able to all stay together and have so much room. Being able to take Kymri back and to have her own little space was also so great. The woman we rented from was super sweet and even left a gift for Kymri. So fun.

We got there on a Monday and just enjoyed spending time together and playing games. Mom and Dad ordered pizza and we enjoyed a nice evening together. 

Tuesday we got up and headed to the park. Mom had made everyone fun T-Shirts, and a onsie for Kymri. 

We headed to Disneyland and had a blast. It was crazy busy, but we were able to avoid the crowds for the most part and had a great time. Kymri could actually go on a lot of rides and that made it a great time.

That night, my parents were really sweet and offered to stay home with Kymri after we got her asleep for the night and let me and Brad go back to the park alone. We had such a magical time together. We actually went on a lot of rides and seemed to time everything just right to avoid the crowds. What was really magical was that the fireworks started right before we got on Thunder Mountain Railroad. We were able to watch them from the perfect location and it was absolutely beautiful. Best date night ever.

We spent Wednesday in California Adventure. It was a lot less busy than the other park, which was a nice break to get away from the crowds. The highlight of the day was going to the Aladdin show and watching how much Kymri loved it. She would clap and wave at the performers and smiled and giggled through the entire thing. Cutest thing ever. 

Thursday was New Years Eve. We got an early start so that we could beat the crowds, and it really worked. We were able to get a bunch of things in before the crowds really peaked. Even though it was crazy busy, it was a great day. We took Kymri to visit Minnie Mouse in her matching Minnie outfit and she did really well.

We went on lots more rides with her and while she napped went on the bigger rides that she couldn't go on.

Later, we took her to meet the Princesses and it was the most precious thing ever. The princesses were so good with her. Belle played peek-a-boo with her and told her to read good books, Cinderella asked her if she lost her slippers, and Snow White told her that she was the fairest in the land. We never expected her to enjoy it as much as she did and we loved that the photographers were sweet enough to take our phones and capture these cute moments.

I was determined to have Kymri ride Dumbo on her first Disneyland trip, and it ended up being just about the longest line we waited in for the entire trip! haha. When moms get things into their heads... Silly, I know. Anyways, Kymri actually fell asleep in the pack while waiting in line!

Once we got to the front of the line, an hour later, Kymri woke up just in time to get on! She really enjoyed it, despite what the picture shows.

By the time we left the park around 6:30 to get Kymri to bed, the park was absolutely packed already waiting for the new year. It was a little bit crazy trying to get out of there. They even had to open the staff only walkways so that we could get out! Yikes! Everyone else had planned on staying for the New Years Eve festivities, but they ended up coming back to the house shortly after we did because it was just that crazy in the park. In 100% honesty, Brad and I totally crashed after getting Kymri to bed and didn't make it anywhere near the New Year! haha. I guess we're getting old. We did at least wish each other a happy new year when the booms and lights from the fireworks woke us up. Good times.

Truly, it was an amazing trip! I couldn't have wished for more. Kymri did so well, taking good long naps, and enjoying each and every new thing. Big thanks to mom and dad for the amazing gift that left us with even more amazing memories!

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