Friday, February 26, 2016

11 Month Update

I can't believe that this is my second to last monthly update! It makes me a little sad to think they are almost over. I have really enjoyed writing them and reflecting on the month that we have enjoyed with Kymri. In some ways, I am not quite ready to have a one year old on my hand, but in other ways I am really excited for the new adventures it will bring.

Dear Kymri,

How are you 11 months old? Only one more month and we will be celebrating your first birthday! That's hard to believe. We are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends!

This month has been one of discovery and joy for you. I can't believe how much you have learned and grown in just the last few short weeks. You are wearing 18 month clothes, and the other day I even put you in some 24 month clothes, and they were none too big. You are looking more and more like a little girl and less and less like a baby every day. I think we have a toddler on our hands.

You pull up on everything you can get your hands on and easily walk along the furniture. You have even braved letting go and can stand on your own for a bit before getting excited, trying to take a step, and tumbling to the ground. But nothing can stop you, you always get right back up and try again. Recently, you are trying to stand on your own without hanging on to anything. It has proved to be more difficult to you, but I know you will get it soon.

You especially love to pull up on the piano and play a song. You get a little confused with the lid is closed.

 In this last month, you had your first Valentine's Day. It was fun because Grandma Shelley was visiting and we got to go up to Idaho with her to meet your knew cousin. We had a great time being with family and watching you explore a new place. Grandma spoiled you with fun new Valentine Jammies.

We have been trying to teach you to blow kisses and you think you have it down. Any time we show you how to blow kisses, you click your tongue in return. It is adorable. You have even started to click your tongue on your own until we blow kisses in return. It is adorable and we can't get enough of it!

You are talking and babbling more than ever now. You can say da-da, ma-ma, and hi. When you say hi, you also wave and it is beyond adorable! Yesterday we went to the grocery store and you literally greeted everyone we passed. You eat up all the attention when people react to you and say hi in return. Basically, everyone thinks you're as cute as we do.

Your hair is so thick! And it basically happened over night. One day you didn't have enough hair to hold a clip, and the next day you did. It looks so cute with a clip in it too!

Sleep has gotten a lot better. You are consistently sleeping from 7:00 to around 5:00, nursing briefly and then going back to sleep until 7:00 or so. It's wonderful. We will soon be weaning the 5 o'clock feeding, and I hope it goes well and that you can still sleep until around 7:00. We will see how it goes.

I'm actually not looking forward to weaning, but I know it is time to do it. You are definitely ready, but I will miss the time to cuddle and be alone, just the two of us. But I suppose I have to let you grow up some time.

You love to play, explore, and learn new things. You are starting to need me less as you want to play on your own and figure things out. As much as I love watching you learn and grow, it is hard for me to step back and let you do things on your own. But I am so proud of all that you can do!

Books are your absolute favorite! I love to watch you play with them and "read" them. You love taking your books off the shelf and exploring them. You can turn the pages when I'm reading to you and get so excited to turn page after page. I am so glad that you love books so much and hope that reading becomes a life long love.

As we enter the final month of your last year, I am amazed at all we have done and been through. It has been one amazing ride, and there is only more to come. I can't wait to see who you become. I love you so very much!

All my love,

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