Friday, February 5, 2016


Apparently, I am really into going through old pictures recently. With Kymri's first birthday fast approaching, I am nostalgic about pretty much everything. And a little weepy. Basically, anything can get my tear ducts moving these days. My baby is quickly moving into toddler-hood and I'm just not ready!

Today I realized that I never shared pictures from Kymri's blessing day. I want the blog to include all these important moments because I'll likely one day have it printed into book form.

In our church, children are not baptized until 8 years old (or older) when they are able to make the decision for themselves. They do, however, receive a special blessing as infants from a priesthood holder (often their father) which includes special individualized blessings.

Kymri had a perfect day on the day of her blessing. She was happy and calm. Until the moment of her blessing arrived. She literally screamed through the entire thing. But she received a beautiful blessing. It gave me a greater glimpse into just how special she is! 

Since she was so angry through the blessing, we didn't take many pictures that day, but I made her get back in her dress the next day for a little photo shoot. She was able to wear the same dress that I wore when I received my blessing 26 years before. It was so special!

I am so grateful for the beautiful blessing that Kymri received that for the priesthood power that Brad holds that blesses our family so greatly.

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