Wednesday, March 30, 2016

12 Month Update

I can't believe this is the last of my monthly updates! I will miss writing these. It is so fun to look back over the past month and remember all that Kymri has learned and how much she has grown in such a short amount of time. This month was probably the fastest of all thus far. I know it's only going to go faster, so I'm trying to just enjoy every moment while I have it.

Dear Kymri,

Wow! 12 whole months have passed. You are one year old! I just can't believe it. I'm not sure where the year has gone, but we sure have had a lot of fun!

This last month has been full of learning and growth for you! You are especially talkative. You can say Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Hi, Bye, Book, and "Co-Co" (referring to a song you like about coconuts). When you aren't saying one of those things, you are babbling other things all day long. We have little conversations, and we are beginning to understand each other. You can communicate what you want really well, and for the most part, I am understanding. That's super exciting to me! If you aren't able to say what you are wanting, you are good at pointing to things or going over to the things you want.

You are an eating champion. You love to eat and are especially interested in all the carbs (you are your mother's daughter on that one). You also love all fruits and cheese. It's a little harder to convince you to eat vegetables, but you do love squash and sweet potatoes. We can hide spinach in your green smoothies, and I can sometimes convince you to eat peas. The trouble we are facing now is that you refuse to eat anything that you can't feed yourself, but you aren't quite coordinated enough to feed yourself with a spoon yet. You sure do try though! I basically end up mopping the floor every day!

You've started to drink milk and you really like it. We still nurse a couple times a day, but we will probably be done soon. It's weird to see that time coming to an end.

You are starting to understand what certain things are for. You can brush your own hair and try to brush your own teeth. It's cute to watch you figuring things out and doing things on your own.

Walking is coming along. You can take about 5 steps now, and I am sure you will get the hang of it soon. The trouble is that you get going to fast and then tumble over. You really like to move quickly! You have a little walker to help you learn, and you definitely have the hang of that. You love to be in it because it makes you feel big.

You can blow kisses and give kisses on the cheek and you have become quite the loving little girl! You love to blow kisses to mommy and daddy and give us slobbery kisses. You even like kissing yourself in the mirror!

You are becoming a little girly. You love to wear dresses and bows and necklaces. It's cute to watch you go over to your box of headbands and try to put them on. The other day, I came in and you had 3 different bows on! Daddy said that you just couldn't decide!

You are learning to share and take turns. You love to hand us things and then reach to get them back. We like to play games where we pass a toy back and forth.

We go to your 12 month well visit tomorrow, but from our bathroom scale, it looks like you weight between 22.5 and 23 pounds and you are about 29 inches long. We will know for sure tomorrow. You have definitely grown during this past year!

We had family in town for your birthday party, and it was so much fun to be all together. We had a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party that was a blast. We had lots of yummy food and played with giant bubbles. You were adorable as usual and had such a fun time. We celebrated a week early since family was in town.

On your actual birthday, we let you have your first taste of cake, and you absolutely loved it! You were especially interested in eating the frosting!

After eating your cake, we took you to the Bean natural history museum so that you could see the animals. We had planned to go to the zoo, but it was way too cold. You still had a great time! You loved seeing the animals and it was fun to spend the day together as a family.

You keep learning and growing every day. I am having so much fun being at home with you and playing with you. Thank you for loving me and daddy and for making our lives even brighter!

All my love,


  1. Blessings to this little angel.....😘i wish I could give a hug to this cute angel


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