Friday, March 25, 2016

Cake Smash

I am still in denial that my baby is one year old! We had so much fun celebrating her first year, and strung the festivities out over a week (since my family was in town for Spring Break). I can't wait to share about the party and other activities, but for today, I will just share the cake smash! It was so much fun and Kymri l-o-v-e-d it!

I'm all about simple, but fun.
This is just a roll of white fadeless paper from Joann's, an easy little banner that I cut out of scrapbook paper, and a cake stand that I made by painting a vase (which I then turned upside down), and a tray from the dollar store and then gluing them together. Seriously took about 5 minutes. 
We added a few balloons later. 
And clearly, I am not a cake decorator, but it was still fun to try my hand at something new. 

 Couple of pictures in her Minnie Mouse birthday outfit before the cake came out. 

 She wasn't so sure about the tutu. You'll notice that her arms are up and away from it in pretty much every picture... sorry baby girl! Find the tutorial on how to make this No-Sew Tutu HERE.

First taste of frosting.  

I LOVE this picture. Kymri super loves her daddy! 

"Come on, Mom! I'm trying to eat cake here!" 

As much as we tried to get her to eat the cake, she just wanted more frosting!

It was so fun to watch Kymri go after her little cake! While I can't believe how fast this year flew by, I am actually really looking forward to this coming year and all of the fun things that are in store with our little toddler! 


  1. So cute! I agree, how is she one already?!
    All of my kids have been very tentative about their first taste of cake... usually they can't handle the messy frosting. One of my daughters got very upset about the mess that the frosting made on her hands, but once she got the cake she was good with it. :) Most of her pictures from her cake smash look like she's happy , but in reality she was upset and crying almost the whole time. I'm such a mean mom. ;)

  2. She is adorable! Great pics. My 2 of my triplets were scared of their cakes and cried, but the pics are priceless!

  3. She is cutie!!!! Happy first birthday little lady and what a fun cake smash!

  4. Oh my, how adorable! She seemed to enjoy that pink frosting! I love seeing cake smash pics...I wish that was a popular thing when mine were younger!

  5. Hi Kailei :)
    How fun! It is the greatest thing when your daughter becomes 1, I can totally relate! Mine is now 25! But I can still remember like it was yesterday :) Love the pictures!! She is sooo cute!!

  6. So precious! She has a really great time!


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