Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two Jacks Pizza

Two Jacks Pizza has been on our radar for a looooong time. We are major pizza people, and a bunch of friends had recommended this place. But somehow, in the last three years, we never made it. Now, with only a month left of our time in Provo, we are scrambling to hit up all these great places before we move. Face palm. Slight regret. Moving on...

Let me tell you, Two Jacks did not disappoint. It was possibly the best pizza we have ever had!

Let's just talk about the crust for a minute. It was absolute heaven. It was thick, delicious, and crunchy on the outside. I seriously don't know how they do it. 

We decided to get two 8 inch pizzas so that we could try a couple of types. It took forever to decide on what we wanted, because everything sounded so good. But we finally decided on the Two Jack's Combo (which basically has sausage, Canadian bacon, and a ton of yummy veggies), and the BBQ Chicken. 

Both were absolutely incredible. We don't know how they make their pizza sauce, but it was beyond amazing. Brad is really picky when it comes to sauce, and he was practically in heaven with this one!

No pictures of me this time. It's the first I've ever taken my "fancy camera" into a restaurant and I was feeling totally self conscious... and a little embarrassed... maybe it gets more natural with time?

This little lady had a great time joining us for date night!

She definitely approved of the food! We had to pry her away from people watching, but she devoured an entire piece of pizza all by herself! She sure did love being out on a date with Mommy and Daddy!

Little tip: when we were leaving, it was BUSY! As in, standing room only and people literally sat down at our table before we were fully done with it so that they could snag it before someone else did. So get there a little early! Or do carry out. Having a baby means that we shoot for a pretty early dinner, which really worked out for us this time. We were one of only two groups there at 5:00, but like I said... by the time we left around 6:00 it was packed. The crowd speaks to how good this pizza is!

We also thought the prices were great! Comparable to your typical carry out pizza, but way higher quality. We will definitely be back before it's time for us to move. Maybe Two Jacks will open a location in Las Vegas?

The date was capped with walking along Center Street and enjoying this beautiful sunset!

As excited as we are for graduation and the next phase of our lives, I think we've decided that we are going to miss this place we've called home for the last three years.


  1. That pizza looks beyond tasty! <3 I love dates with my hubby and kiddo too! <3

    1. It was seriously so good! And we love family dates!


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