Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Keep Trying--Free Printable

Update: I am so overwhelmed with the reaction to this printable! Thank you for visiting our blog! I hope that you enjoy this printable and that you can share it with others who might need a lift. For some free printables for General Conference Preparation, go HERE. 

I absolutely love General Conference. Every six months, I sit down and watch the most amazing men and women deliver absolutely inspirational messages. I learned so much and felt God's love so strongly. I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes from the weekend.

Most of my days are absolutely amazing. I love being a mother, staying home with my baby, and all that entails. But truthfully, there are some hard days as a mother.  It's not just mothers though. I think we all have hard days. I love the reminder that Heaven is on my side. God wants me to succeed. Not only is He cheering me on, He is coaching me through. Remembering that He is always there for me makes me want to try harder, keep moving forward, and become all that He intended me to become.

I am so grateful for living prophets and apostles who lead and guide us. I'm especially grateful for these words of encouragement to help me through when things are tough.

For more downloadable quotes, go HERE. 


  1. Thank you so much for the download!!!

    1. You are so welcome Ashley! This is one of my very favorite quotes!

  2. Do you have this in landscape?? I love it! Also, what font is it?


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