Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On New Chapters

Next week is graduation week. And then moving weekend. And then vacation (hoozah)! And then intense bar study for Brad and some major summer fun for me and Kymri. (Sorry, Brad).

Which is why the blog might not be updated as frequently as it has been. I'm okay with that.


I have been a little sad recently thinking of leaving our Utah home. If you would have told me three years ago that this place would have such a big place in my heart, I would have said you were crazy. When we first moved here, I was basically counting down the days until we could move back to my beloved Arizona. But then everything happened. Brad and I started our life together. We had the smallest little apartment that you could imagine where we made so many incredible memories. Brad started law school. I finished my Bachelors. We went on miniature day trips. We made lifelong friends. We tried new things. We survived 9 months of sickness. We moved to the most perfect apartment. We brought our beautiful baby girl into the world. We witnessed her first year of life, which was absolutely amazing. We made even more lifelong friends.

And now, we will be leaving it all behind. Our first apartment. The apartment we brought Kymri home to. The friends that we have come to love so dearly.

As much as my home will be wherever Brad and Kymri are, it's hard to leave this home.

The next chapters in our lives are looking really exciting. To have school behind us is almost impossible to picture. Brad will have a full time career. We will buy a home. More kids some day. It's all every exciting and we are looking forward to all that life will bring. New chapters, new experiences.

But the trouble with new chapters is turning the page on old chapters. Thinking about how I'll never be able to take Kymri to see the hospital where she was born. Not being able to see our old, tiny apartment when we pass by on our way to the grocery store. Leaving friends. Leaving the home where Kymri learned to crawl and then take her first steps. New chapters. Turning the page on old. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Inevitable endings.

I'm not even sure where I'm going with all of this. But that's just everything that's going through my mind right now. So here's to turning the page. Watching the next adventure unfold. While still remembering the last chapter with great fondness. Because that's the great thing about chapters. The memories aren't left behind. As I pack up the boxes, I pack up those memories and tuck them away into my heart. And I will forever be grateful for this place, this home, and these memories.


  1. So happy for your new chapter! But how come all my favorite bloggers seem to live in Arizona?! Someone needs to move closer to me.

    1. haha. Maybe you will move to Arizona some day!! ;) But in all seriousness Justine, I really hope that we can meet in real life some day.

  2. What a lovely story. I am glad I found you. Your memories will always be there. Think of it as a place for vacation to relive and refresh. Starting new will only bring you to a higher perspective. Enjoy the next chapter.

    1. Good point, Sandy! I am really excited for all of the new adventures that will come our way.


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