Friday, June 17, 2016

DIY Love Story Wedding Board

About a month before her wedding, my dear friend Jessica sent me this picture of a wedding board. "Can you make this?" was the question. I was pretty sure I could. Plus, there was plenty of time before the wedding, so if I found out that I just couldn't do it, I would just find someone else who could. 

And then I preceded to forget about it completely. *facepalm*

I was in the midst of birthday planning, preparing to move, and planning our vacation. It was so unlike me, but I literally spaced it. Three days before leaving for the wedding, Jessica checked in. I semi panicked! How in the world had I forgotten? Could I really make this happen? I know the stress of being a bride... and I didn't want to add to that for Jess. How was I going to find the wood? Could I seriously pull this off? My Cricut is pretty small and slightly limited (one of the original models) and I didn't even know if a project this size would be possible. Man did I say a lot of prayers in those three days. And a wedding miracle happened! My landlord happened to have a ton of barn wood after tearing down his cousin's old barn. He offered to put it all together for me. My cricut cut big enough letters. Kymri took fabulous naps so I had plenty of time to work. Seriously, wedding miracle. 

So if you are looking to save a little money and want to do your own wedding board, here is a simple DIY for you. It's definitely time consuming, and I wouldn't recommend waiting until three days before the big day, but it is totally a doable DIY. I appologize that I didn't take many pictures along the way (I was pressed for time, remember??), so if something is not making sense in the explanation, please do not hesitate to ask questions!

DIY Wedding Board

DIY Love Story Wedding Board


- Barn Wood, cut to desired size-- Mine was 3' wide (any wood will do, but I like the barn wood look)
- Sand Paper (an electric sander is ideal)
- Cricut Electric Cutter (or any letter cutter)
- White Cardstock (Can also use vinyl, but I used paper and tacky glue for ease and to cut down on cost)
- Tacky Glue 
- Clear Matte Spray Sealant
- 2 Strips of wood, 1 inch x 3 inches 
- Nail Gun 

First, decide on your "important dates." These can include such a range of things: first met, first date, first kiss, "I love you," DTR talk, proposal, wedding, etc. 

Next, cut out your words and dates using the cricut machine. I used a variety of fonts from various cartridges. Find fonts that you love. Lay the words out across your table or floor. It doesn't matter where... just to get an idea of what you'll be working with. I personally work on the floor a lot. 

Next, measure the width of the longest set of words and cut the boards to the correct size.

Sand and clean them up a bit.
Arrange your words across the boards. Glue one letter/word on at a time, pressing down hard on each for about 30 seconds. Allow to dry well. I usually go back and press them down a few extra times, just in case.

After the letters are good and dry, take them outside to seal. Spray each board individually with a thin coat of sealant. Allow to dry. 

I let the boards dry overnight. Once dry, it's time to nail them together. Make sure all of the dates are in order. Flip the boards over. Measure the height of the board top to bottom and cut the 1 inch by 3 inch boards slightly shorter than that measurement (about 1.5 inches shorter). Run the two boards along the back. 

Do this on a flat table... This picture is after the nails are already in place.

Use a bit of wood glue to keep the boards in place. Nail them down using a nail gun (about 2 nails for each piece of barn wood) and voila! 

DIY Love Story Wedding Board

I seriously had so much fun making this wedding board! It's a slightly time consuming project, but an easy DIY that you could definitely pull off for a wedding.

DIY Wedding Board. Our Love Story.


  1. What a COOL idea! I've never heard of this before, and I thought I'd heard it all with our oldest daughter's wedding, lol. Turned out great!

    1. I completely understand that feeling! When I was planning my wedding, I was pretty sure that I had seen every wedding Pin there was to see on Pinterest! haha.

  2. I've seen these before and this one turned out so cute! You totally lucked out with the great barn wood, lucky! And I totally thought the words were painted on, then I assumed vinyl, totally shocked it's just cardstock! Looks great!

    1. I was shocked that the cardstock worked so well! I originally tried vinyl, but the barn wood was pretty dry and vinyl just wasn't staying well. I was desperate when I tried the cardstock, but it ended up working so well! Two months later and it's still stuck perfectly! The sealant is probably to thank for that.

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