Wednesday, July 13, 2016

POGO: Your Pass to Free Summer Fun

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With only about one month of summer left, we are desperately trying to catch as many fun things as possible. Between studying for the bar and getting ready to move into our new house (hooray, we found one!), things have been a little crazy. But even when things are crazy, we know how important it is to prioritize family time.

Summertime can end up being a pretty expensive time for families. Swimming lessons. Dance class. Sports camps. We only have a one year old, and I forked out $75 for swimming lessons. I don't regret it at all, but the point is this: summer can be expensive.

And here we are with only a month of summer left and the pocket books are perhaps a little stretched. But if you are still looking for some summer fun that can continue all year long, I have some great news for you. POGO Pass is offering 60% off to 2BF readers! Just go to this link, or input our discount code: 2BF60 at checkout.

Now what is POGO you ask? It is your pass to free fun in your area! Passes are regularly around $100 (varies by area) but with my 60% off code, you can get each pass for just $40! That might still seem a little high for large families, but let me break it down for you to show you just how much you get. And, passes are good for one year, so you have plenty of time to use them! You really can't beat $40 for a whole year of fun. Now, this is a breakdown for the Phoenix area, but if you are in Dallas, Austin, Tucson, or Las Vegas, the venues and values are similar. Find your location's breakdown HERE.

So in Phoenix, each pass gets you:

3 Arizona Rattlers Games: $10-20 per game. $30+ value.

1 Entry to Castles and Coasters: $25-$35 value

Multiple Entries to Arizona State sporting events: Prices vary

2 Arizona Diamondback games: approx $28 per game. $56 value.

2 visits to Makutu's Island: $6-$12 per visit. $12-$24 value.

1 Game/Week at Fat Cats Bowling: $3.50/game. $182 value.

1 Visit to Sunsplash: $22-$30 value.

2 Visits to the Phoenix Zoo: $14-$20 per visit. $28-$40 value.

3 Phoenix Mercury Games: $10-$20 per game. $30-$90 value.

4 Visits to Enchanted Island including All Day Ride Pass: $10-$17 per visit. $40-$68 value

2 Visits to Phoenix Rock Gym: $13 per visit. $26 value.

2 Visits to Stratum Laser Tag: $9 per game. $18 value.

2 Visits to Air Time Jump Center: $8-$13 per visit. $16-$26 value.

1 Visit/Month to Tempe Airsoft and Paintball: $23-$35 per visit. $276-$420 value.

2 Visits/Month to Skateland: $4-$5 per visit. $96-$120 value.

2 Visits to the Idea Museum: $8 per visit. $16 value.

Baby girl adored the idea museum!

But seriously. Can we please talk about what an amazing deal this is?? You could do one or two things on this list and still pay more than you would buying the POGO pass! And these aren't just random things that no one would want to do. They are really great places that all ages will enjoy. And if you aren't in the Phoenix area, there are great places in Las Vegas, Dallas, Tucson, and Austin as well.

So do yourself a favor. Head on over to the POGO website and get yourself some amazing family fun! And they are good for an entire year, so you will be able to spread out the summer fun through two summers! Use code 2BF60 at checkout to get an extra great deal!


  1. What an amazing deal! So much fun in one pass!

    1. You really can't beat such a great deal!

  2. This is so cool, I love all-in-one passes like this, so great for summer! I wish they had one for my area.

    1. All-in-one passes are the best! POGO is looking to expand, so maybe they will come to your area soon!

  3. I'll bet that comes in handy down in the Valley! We're up here in Northern AZ :)

    1. Northern AZ is so beautiful! Definitely a long drive for these places though :)


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