Friday, August 26, 2016

Miracle Mile Shops and Garrett's Popcorn

We've been in Las Vegas for about a month now and finally decided to brave the strip for a date night. You see, Brad is totally obsess with Garrett's Popcorn, which he discovered on a trip to Chicago years ago. What's really amazing about this is that Brad doesn't even like popcorn. But Garrett's? He can down an entire bag pretty speedily. Garrett's has a number of flavors, but in our opinion, there is only one that's worth it: Garrett's Mix. It's a mixture of caramel and cheese popcorns, which we admit sounds less than great. When Brad first told me about the mix, I was certain that he was crazy. But the first time I tried it, I was sold after the first bite. It's this amazing mix of salty and sweet and definitely worth the calories!

The popcorn is made fresh and most definitely needs to be eaten sooner rather than later. So plan on a little overdoing it, but still go with the big bag! Worth it.

Here in Las Vegas, Garrett's is found inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, so we decided to make a whole date of it. Inside the mall, you will find an indoor rain storm, quaint walkways that mirror Italian villas, joke shops, magic shops, and all the shopping you could imagine.

We had a great time and definitely recommend the date to anyone passing through Vegas. If nothing else, at least stop and get yourself a bag of popcorn!

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