Friday, August 12, 2016

To The Mother Of The Boy Who Helped Me To My Car

I wish I new your name. I wish I could thank you personally for the way your raised your son. I wish I could call you up and ask you how you did it. I wish we could sit down and really get to know each other.

But since I can't do any of that, I'll just have to thank you here. So thank you. Thank you for teaching your son to be aware of others and their needs. Thank you for teaching him to reach out and serve. Thank you for teaching him to care.

I would guess that your son is somewhere between 10 and 12 years old. He saw me in line at Home Depot last week. I had my hands full. We had just moved into a new home. My husband had to work. My baby wasn't sleeping well in the new house. The sun was streaming into her window and I needed a quick fix. I went to buy garage insulation, not realizing that it came in a huge strip. I was trying to balance the large sheet while simultaneously pushing my over tired baby in the cart. When her screams escalated, I was trying to carry her in my arms, balance the sheet of insulation, and push the cart at the same time. I was a little overwhelmed. Then I heard the sweetest voice from behind me: "Ma'am, I can help you with that." I turned to find a kind young man looking up at me. I gratefully passed off the insulation to him while I fished for my wallet to pay for my purchases. Even though the insulation was about five times his size, he offered to carry it to my car. I looked at you, and you nodded your approval. He had quite the time of it, getting that large sheet to my little car, but he didn't give up and he did it with a smile on his face. When we made it, he looked from the sheet of insulation to my little car and back. "We're going to need some help," he said, and off he went. He came back with an employee and made sure I was okay before heading back inside to meet you. The employee helped me squish the insulation in my car and tie the trunk down. As I was loading my baby in, I looked up at the sound of someone calling to me. Your son was leaning out the window of your car. You had driven him by to check on me one last time. "Everything okay now?" he asked. I assured him that it was and he told me to have a great day before driving off again.

And to me, this was a tender mercy. I had come to Home Depot, feeling overwhelmed and frazzled, and I left grateful to have met your son, and confident that all would be well.

You see, this experience left a great impression on me. I could tell that you taught your son by example. You must really care about others. You must look for and seek out opportunities to help. You must encourage your son to do the same.

I could tell that your son was genuine and sincere. He wasn't helping me to get anything in return. He was helping me because he sincerely cared. He saw a need and knew that he could meet it. He wanted to do good simply because it was the right thing to do.

This experience also helped me to see ways that I need to change. It helped me see how I want to raise my children.

I realized that I am seldom aware of the people around me while out and about. I have a purpose, get in, get what I need, and get out. Now I will be aware of those around me and notice needs that I can meet.

I want to teach my children to choose to help.

I want to teach them to see others and their needs, even when life gets busy. Maybe especially when life gets busy.

I want to live by example and do those things myself.

So thank you for raising such a wonderful young man. Thank you for letting him help an overwhelmed young mother. Thank you for showing him the way to be the difference in the world. I am lucky to have crossed his path.


  1. So so sweet. I hope I can raise my sons to be like the young man that helped you.

    1. Me too Erica! It was really so sweet!

  2. So so sweet. I hope I can raise my sons to be like the young man that helped you.


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