Friday, September 30, 2016

M&M World

We are loving the free family fun that we've found here in Vegas. Here's a quick tip for families who might be visiting the strip: try to park in/near the hotel that you will be visiting. Walking the strip is not the funnest thing ever with kids (even without them in our opinion), but the actual venues are a lot of fun. So try to park real close. In some instances (like with our trips to Miracle Mile and to the Bellagio Botanical Gardens) you can avoid the strip entirely.

M&M World Las Vegas Free Family Fun

The M&M Shop is such a fun stop for families visiting Las Vegas! There is a lot to see, including a free 3D Movie, which is way cute and the kids will love!

With four floors of all things M&M, you won't be disappointed with a stop in to M&M World. You will see an amazing wall of M&Ms where you can sample some of their newest flavors, the M&M NASCAR, M&M Characters, memorabilia, and more. You can even personalize your own M&Ms!

M&M World Las Vegas

M&M World Las Vegas

M&M World Las Vegas

I appologize for such limited photos. Baby Girl loved the whole experience, until it was time to take pictures. Right when I pulled the camera out, she spotted an M&M Character (those guys in the costumes) and completely lost it. We're talking terrified. 

You can buy M&Ms by the pound from the amazing M&M wall. They have every color and flavor that you can imagine. When we visited, they were giving samples of Candy Corn and Smore's flavors. I was a big fan of the Smore flavor, but not so much the Candy Corn. A little too sweet for me.

In all, we had a blast. We took my younger cousins (8 and 10) and they really enjoyed the 3D Movie and the free samples. They filled up a bag of some of the more unique flavors to take home for their siblings.

If you are visiting Vegas with a family, make sure to add M&M World to your list of stops!

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