Monday, October 31, 2016

McKee Ranch: Fall In The Desert

I have been wanting to visit a pumpkin patch and take a hay ride for a looooong time. When we were in Utah, we had so many options for amazing fall activities. Plus, fall was all around us. The leaves changing colors, the crisp breeze, the beautiful mountains, the corn mazes. It was all pretty perfect. Now fast forward to fall in Las Vegas..... We had a few 90 degree days last week and I haven't seen a true fall leaf since last fall in Utah. It's a bit of a bummer, but I know that I'll be doing a heel click when it's time for winter and snow in Utah and I'm wearing my cardigan in the sunshine.


I still wanted to have some semblance of fall in my life. So we did some research and found a cute little ranch not too far from our house. McKee Ranch had a small hay ride, animals, a pumpkin patch, and a miniature corn maze. And it was just what the doctor ordered. Baby Girl was in heaven! She was running from thing to thing and wouldn't slow down for anything. She especially loved all of the animals. The chickens and goats were roaming free. They also had horses that you could ride or feed if you wanted. In all, it was a very fun day.

It was also the perfect location for my October 10. You see, I'm in this great Facebook group that was started by one of my High School friends (who I haven't actually seen in person in waaaay too long... let's play soon, Kylie), and it is the perfect place for pretend photographers like me to get ideas and advice from legit awesome lifestyle photographers. I love the group because it's totally mellow and totally encouraging. Members range from cell phone photographers to full blown professionals, but everyone is so kind! Every month, Kylie gives us a challenge to take and edit 10 pictures that go along with a certain theme. This month's theme was fall. So you can see that the ranch was the perfect location. I hope you'll enjoy my October 10 and that you'll come on over to check out Kylie's Facebook Group. 

This first set was at the entrance to the corn maze. Brad was playing with Kymri to get her to stand still for 2 seconds, and I love that you can totally see the love in her eyes for her daddy! I also love that you can see that she is trying to "get him."

 Climbing the hay pyramid with daddy:

Fall in the desert:
McKee Ranch Las Vegas

"Mom, seriously! Just let me go play..."

McKee Ranch Las Vegas

If you can't tell from the joy on her face, Baby Girl had an amazing time! I am so glad that we found McKee ranch so that we could have a pretend fall! And I'm loving all that Kylie is teaching me about photography... applying it is totally tricky, but it's fun to learn. 

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