Monday, November 21, 2016

Simplifying the Season

Okay everyone, who else is beyond excited that Christmas is officially in sight? I have been looking forward to this Christmas for a long time. I am so excited that baby girl is old enough to understand more fully everything that is going on around her and get all caught up in the magic and spirit of it all. Last year was pretty amazing, and she was only 9 months old!

Now, some of you might be groaning while reading this. There is still so much to do. Plans to be made. Traditions to uphold. Food to make. Parties for hosting. Marshmallows for toasting. Caroling out in the snow. Day-to-day life to manage on top of it all. Whoo! I can get tired just thinking of everything that can get slightly out of hand at this time of year. 

That's why I'm really excited to tell you all about an amazing series that my blogger friend Justine is putting together: #SimplifyingTheSeason


When Justine contacted me about joining her series all about simplifying the  the Christmas season, I was quick to jump on board! I love all of the great ideas that Justine has planned to share with you, and I'm really excited about some of my own ideas that I will be sharing soon.

For today, to kick off #SimplifyingTheSeason I want to share with you the threshold I have for deciding if a certain activity, event, etc will fit into my Christmas season. I will ask myself 3 questions, and if I can't say a super firm "yes!" to at least two of them, it will have no place in my Christmas this year.

1. Does it bring me closer to Jesus?
2. Does it bring me closer to my family?
3. Does it bring me joy?

Get Printable Version HERE
I know that asking myself these three questions will really help me focus, as Justine is advocating, on my Savior, my family, and traditions. The series will run from today (November 21st) through December 26th so please join us as we share ideas on how to simplify the season. I really do believe that it is through simplifying the season that the season will feel most full. 

Head on over to Justine's blog to read more about this great series and to follow along with everything she has planned! You might even catch a guest post from yours truly! 

this season I will focus on what matters most. Simplify Christmas.

What are you doing this year to Simplify the Season?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween 2016

I am really late to the game posting about our Halloween, but I just had to document how truly wonderful it was.

Baby girl had two costumes; one to go with our Monster's Inc family costume and one for trick-or-treating on Halloween night. She was really into the whole thing and walked around saying "trick-or-treat" for days. It was basically the most adorable thing you've ever seen.

Snow White Toddler Costume

Boo Monsters Inc Costume

We had so much fun dressing up with Kymri and enjoying the festivities.
What did you do for Halloween?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Drawing a Blank Review and GIVEAWAY!

(I received product in return for this review. All opinions are my own).

I absolutely love having talented friends! In the artsy department, my skills are less than stellar, so I always appreciate being able to turn to amazing friends for those needs. Is anyone else just absolutely in awe of lettering? I tried to letter one time and it was a pretty epic fail. But I love the look of really well done lettering, so when my friend Kelcie opened her digital print shop, I knew I just had to have one of her custom prints!

Isn't that just gorgeous? I love the simple wreath border that allows the name to really pop. I love the lettering. And I really love the clean, white look. Kelcie took my ideas and made them into a stunning piece of art. She really captured exactly what I was hoping for.

I was so happy to finally have something to go in my square frame! Brad bought me the frame ages ago and I just never found the right print for it. I absolutely love this one in the square frame. I think it makes it look crisp. I love the simple, beautiful design.

Can we also talk about the fact that we've been married for more than 3 years? Where has the time gone? In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday and in others it feels like we've been together forever (and really... we have). I love that this print reminds me of our special day. I will definitely share pictures when I get it hung in our bedroom.

Aside from custom prints, Kelcie also offers a number of other prints in her Etsy Shop. I'm a personal fan of her Abide With Me print and her Arizona Water Color Sunset print. Both are stunning and beautifully designed. I love that her designs are so versatile and could be styled in a number of ways.

Make sure to follow Kelcie and watch as she keeps cranking out amazing designs!

Now that I've gotten you all super excited about Kelcie's designs, I have some great news! She and I have teamed up to offer one of our Instagram followers a FREE Custom Print! Head on over to my Instagram to enter the Giveaway! Hurry, because the giveaway is only open 11/2/16 to 11/9/16!

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