Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016: A Year In Review

Things have been a little quiet around here lately because we have been off enjoying one amazing Christmas and New Year. It was seriously so great. I hope that you all enjoyed your holidays and that they were filled with love, joy, and family.

It's hard to believe that we are officially in 2017! We had such an amazing year in our family and we're looking forward to all that this new year will bring. So, without further ado and as per tradition, here is our 2016 year in review!

Our first Disneyland trip together! It was so magical to take a 9 month old and let her soak it all in. The sounds and colors amazed her and she absolutely loved meeting the princesses and other characters. It was a bast to go with my entire family and we were so blessed that my parents took us!

Brad was hard core into his final semester at BYU Law, and things were a little crazy. But we had a lot of fun and some amazing Valentine's Day Dates. I also hosted my first My Favorite Things party!

Our little one celebrated her first birthday!! This seems like it was just yesterday, but we are actually approaching her second birthday now. My, how quickly time flies. We had such a great day with her. She loved her cake, her party was so fun, and we had so much time together in the midst of craziness.


Brad graduated from Law School!! He had the opportunity to speak at his graduation and he did such a great job! I am so grateful for how hard he worked and for all of the blessings that came during that time.


We took a much needed family vacation to California. We visited Hollywood and the beach, but the main attraction wast the Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside of Universal Studios. It did not disappoint!

June was an intense month of bar study for Brad. He worked his tail off to prepare. Meanwhile, baby girl and I got to play hard! We took Mommy and Me Swimming Lessons, went to the zoo, visited splash pads, and had a ball. Poor daddy had to work a lot.

Brad took the bar and we later found out that he passed with the top score! So proud of my hard working man!

We made the big move to Las Vegas! Brad is doing a clerkship for a year, so it's a brief stay, but we've been enjoying it. August was a little crazy because withing 3 weeks of moving in our Air Conditioner started leaking and caused a ton of damage, our water heater burst, and we had repairmen in our home for 3 weeks straight. Pretty Crazy Stuff.

We did manage a few outings:

September was a month to explore our new city and settle in. We had a lot of fun.

This was the first month that we truly missed Provo. But we made the best of things and enjoyed fall in the desert. Even though we didn't have the cool temps and beautiful leaves that we came to love in Utah, we had an amazing time. Baby girl learned to say Trick-Or-Treat and had a ball at the 4 houses we took her to (I mean, what 1.5 year old needs that much candy?)

We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with the entire Pew family! It was the first time in a year that all of the cousins have been together and it will probably be a long time before we're all together again. It was really great!

Christmas was truly magical this year. Baby girl was obsessed with all things Christmas. She learned to sing Jingle Bells and Angels We Have Heard on High. She loved to see the pretty lights. She adored decorating the tree. She said "Merry Christmas" to anyone who would listen. She enjoyed baking and loved eating the treats even more. She devoured Christmas stories. And what was most precious is how she loved to play with her little Nativity and point out the Baby Jesus. In all, it was absolutely magical.

We had some pretty major changes in 2016 and lots of amazing adventures. Thank you all for being a part of our story and for enjoying the ride with us! Here's to even more adventure in 2017!

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