Friday, January 6, 2017

Why I Still Dress Up For Date Night & A Lipsense GIVEAWAY

Who can remember back to when you were dating your spouse pre marriage. I definitely can! I spent probably way too much time getting ready for every date. I made sure that my outfit was perfect. My hair was in place. My makeup was on point. I wanted to look just right for every single date. Now fast forward through three and a half years of marriage, 3 moves, and a baby later... and I don't have anywhere near the time that I used to have to get ready for date night. It would be SO easy to just stay in my yoga pants and messy bun. My husband probably wouldn't mind. He loves me no matter what. And yet, I am committed to still "dress up" for date night. Now, I must qualify this and say that "dress up" doesn't quite mean what it used to me. Now a days it might just mean that I've washed my hair and put on a clean shirt. But I at least get ready. I put some makeup on and I do my hair. Why? you might ask. I already "caught" my husband and there's really no reason to try to impress him anymore, right? For me, that's actually wrong.

I still dress up for date night because I want my husband to know that he's still special to me. That I still want to give him the butterflies in his stomach. I still want him to feel a little zing when he takes my hand. I still want him to want to show me off to all of his friends. And more than all of that, I still want to feel good about myself. I want to feel like date night is something different and special. I want to feel confident and beautiful when I'm out with my handsome hubby.

Now like I said before, it can be so. hard. to actually get ready for date night these days. Sometimes the baby is screaming while I hurriedly run a brush through my hair. Sometimes she is begging me to hurry so that we can play. Sometimes I just don't know when I'm going to snag a shower. But there is one thing that I can always make happen. Lipstick. I didn't used to wear it all that frequently, but I have come to LOVE it for date night. And I finally found a lipstick that I actually love. Have you heard of lipsense? You guys, it's a serious game changer! I can put this baby on at any time when I find a spare moment and know that it will still be rocking come date time. We're talking hours later!

And the best part is, this lipstick will last through anything date night throws at you. Going to a fancy dinner? Don't worry... your color won't come off on the glass. Catching a game and want to eat that hotdog? No problem! You won't lose a bit of your color on the bun. And the BEST part? You can kiss your handsome hubby all you like and it won't come off!! Seriously, you guys. This is incredible!

I'm telling you, you must try lipsense! It will make your date night game even better! I seriously feel like a million bucks, even if I only had a few minutes to get ready. And like I said, dressing up for date night is so important to me!

If you're in the market for some amazing lip color, I must point you in the direction of my friend, Kristie. She is a total sweetheart and she was so great to work with in choosing colors that I love. She will help you figure out your skin tone and find colors that will work so well for you. Make sure to check out her Facebook group. She has so many great products along with Lipsense that you won't want to miss! And everything has a satisfaction guarantee! So there is seriously no harm in trying it. If you're already sold, you can head on over to her order form HERE and she will contact you directly.

Now for the awesome news! I have a GIVEAWAY going on right now in My Wife Tribe for a full Lip Kit! That includes a color, glossy gloss, and a remover! You seriously won't want to miss out on this giveaway. So hop on over and join my Facebook group so that you can enter!


  1. Love this! I work from home most days so I totally got in the mode of wearing my sweats or PJs all day. I've noticed when I do "dress up" and by dress up I just mean normal clothes, my husband notices. So definitely need to prioritize it more!

    1. I'm totally the same Lena! I spend the day in sweat pants or yoga pants and rarely change! haha. But when I change for date night I definitely feel a difference.

  2. Yes, I love dressing up for date night with my hubby. :) And LipSense is awesome too. :)


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