Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our Yearly Pictures

I figure it's about time I share our family pictures that we took back in November. #momlife 

We absolutely loved working with Janel and will definitely use her again. She has a great eye and really found some beautiful light. She has been a dear friend for a long time and I love watching her blossom into such an amazing photographer. 

Baby girl was definitely difficult to work with. She didn't want her picture taken at all, but Janel was able to get some amazing shots that really capture our little one's personality perfectly. 

And since the little one wasn't all that interested in pictures, we let her eat some cheerios while we took a couple of shots just the two of us. And I'm totally in love. 

We love having our family photo updated each year. It's so much fun to see the changes that happen as we continue to grow. 

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, make sure to check out Janel Morris Photography. She was a joy to work with. We felt very comfortable with her. Before our session she asked some questions to get a good idea of exactly what we were hoping for and she did not disappoint. We wanted a good mix of posed and more natural shots, some with the whole family, and some with just the two of us. We couldn't be happier with the end product! Thank you Janel!! 

Do you take family pictures every year? 

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